Huda Beauty's Huda Kattan has launched a skincare line: Everything we know so far

Huda Kattan has just gone into skincare, and I'm buzzed. I love so many of her cosmetics, so I'm hoping for big things from the first of her skincare launches...

As Huda herself always says, "true beauty begins with the skin", and so it was natural progression for the queen of cosmetics to venture into the (often saturated) world of skincare.

Just launched on February 16, her Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub is the first in a line of skincare products to come. It's a gentle, yet powerful exfoliating scrub infused with a combination of pineapple and papaya enzymes, BHAs and AHAs, that promise to leave the skin with a healthy glow.

Tried and tested


The product that Huda chose to start her line with was trialled by her, and I see it is an indication of what else is to come. The formula is cruelty-free, SLS- and SLES-free and doesn't contain parabens or phthalates, so it's safe to assume the same might be said for whatever products come next.


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Sensitive skin

Huda has spoken in the past about her sensitive and acne-prone skin, and so this first product was made with sensitive skin types in mind. The naturally derived AHA comes from pineapple and papaya, and the milky, water-based texture feels kind and hydrating to skin. It's not heavily scented either, which will appeal to those among you who can't hack heavily scented skincare.

I'm excited to see where else Huda takes the skincare line - she said on her Instagram that she knows it's not perfect, and that there's lots of great skincare out there to compete with - a level of pragmatism I rather like - but that she's giving it her best shot.


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Wishful by Huda Beauty Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub

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