How To Wear Glitter Like A Grown Up This Party Season

There's no better way to set off fireworks in your make-up bag this Christmas that with a product full of sparkles - glitter takes centre stage this party season so yes, it's fully acceptable to embrace the trend and wear as much of it as you'd like, even as a responsible adult. The great thing about glitter is that you go can go full-on or more subtle and still make both looks work. Here's how to wear full on shine this festive season:

For Beginners

Soft, subtle but still full of sparkle is the way to venture if you're new to this trend - think glitter eyeliner or adding a touch to the eyelids, cheekbones or as an extra to your shoulders or decolletage to really make your Christmas party outfit pop. Sparkling eyebrows are great, but they aren't for everyone.

Smashbox Always Sharp 3D Eyeliner In Sparks



This eyeliner is for the lazy ones. Easy to apply, it just glides on the eyelids and it's ready to go. I like to apply on the lower lash line because it's subtle yet it stands out.

Chanel Shimmering Body Cream


A shimmering body cream with the floral notes of the CHANCE fragrance. A creamy texture that leaves the skin supple, moisturised and with a light iridescent'shimmer. This is gorgeous for Christmas.

Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eye Shadow


Donning shades like champagne, lilac, and sultry grey, Bobbi's line of sparklers represents a mature transition of the iridescent trend.


Going Half-Way

Nails and just a hint of dust will see you take on the trend in an almost-but-not-quite kind of way.


I rarely wear glitter nail varnish but this I challenge anyone to wear this Est?e Lauder Pure Colour Nail Lacquer in Smashed, a rich amethyst with purple sparkles and not become obsessed.

For A Pro

Onlookers made need shades, such will the shine be from you.

Ciat? Glitz Fix


glitz-fix-closed-with-product_grandeThis not-for-beginners shimmer lip kit ?combines a sealant, loose red glitter and fanned applicator brush, though for precision, the use of a smaller lip brush is highly advised.

JOICO Gold Dust Shimmer Finishing Spray


The light-reflecting particles in this dazzling shimmer spray, add an alluring glow to any hairstyle. Because nothing says party season, like a head full of legitimately glitter-filled hair.

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