How to stop lipstick feathering: you CAN wear a bold lip at any age

As we age, it is inevitable that we will get some wrinkles. Most of them are easy to deal with, like the characterful laughter lines that appear around the eyes – signs of a life well lived so to speak. The lines that can be frustrating are around the lips, especially if you're a lipstick lover, as fine lines around the mouth can make your lipstick 'bleed'. This is especially noticeable if you are wearing a bolder colour, as you lose the definition around the lip-line as it feathers outwards.

The solution for this does not have to be drastic (or surgical) – see below for products that can help stop this and keep you rocking a red lip well past retirement.

Lipstick Queen Invisible Lip Liner; €18.00 at

The solution: First up is this genius product from Lipstick Queen. Apply this as you would any lipliner, around the edges of the lips, don't be afraid to over-draw a little too. This has a waxy, silicone feel to it that literally works as a barrier to stop your lip colour from moving around. As it's transparent you can use it with any lip colour you choose! This is available to order directly from Lipstick Queen or you can pop in to Space NK Grafton Street.

Who for? Great for someone who really wants a precise, defined lip but with fine lines, can't get quite get that sharp finish.


Urban Decay - Vice 24/7 Glide-On' Lip Liner in Ozone; €19.50 at

The solution: Similarly, Urban Decay have a clear lip liner that works in the same way as the one from Lipstick Queen. All of their coloured lip liners are already staples for many as they do not budge. Again, this can be paired with any lip colour you choose.



MAC Prep + Prime Lip; €17.50 at

The solution: Another product to try is MAC Prep + Prime Lips, which is similar to a lip balm. Apply a thin layer all over before applying any lipstick. This works in the same way a primer would before foundation or eyeshadow, it helps to make the colour pop and last longer. It stops lip colour from feathering, as well as being super hydrating.


Who for? This is probably for those who have only recently noticed their lipstick feathering as it's not as heavy duty as others on this list.

Too Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer; £14.50 at

The solution: The Too Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer is a great option if you want to stop feathering and you need your lipstick to last all day and night. Paint this onto clean, dry lips before applying your lipstick of choice. This has a slightly matte finish which will help your lipstick stay all day as well as making the shade pack some serious punch.

Who for? This is a desk to dance floor product as your lipstick seriously isn't budging with this on.


Header Image: @iconaccidental

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