How To: Revive Brittle, Damaged Hair

"The Summer months can wreak havoc on the condition of your hair" says super-stylist Dylan Bradshaw. "Over exposure to extreme sunlight, sun protection formulas, salt sea water or chlorinated pool water, and dry air will leave strands brittle and frizzy, with coloured hair being most badly affected."

The solution?

Feeding the hair with a good shampoo and conditioner (don't scrimp here) will restore natural oils and bring it back to health ?and manageable condition. Here's where hair masks also come into play, "bandaging" damaged hair fibres and protecting hair from further friction and the compounding effects of winter's harsh, abrasive elements. Heavy masks are best for thick and/or curly hair, while finer hair will do better with a serum-type product.

The Products?


Rahua Rainforest Grown Shampoo, €35



K?rastase S?rum Th?rapiste, €23


L'Or?al Professionnel Pro|Fiber Reconstruct Masque, €21.99

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