How To: Reduce Enlarged Pores

If you're confronted with enlarged pores, what does that really mean?
Enlarged pores occur over time. Our bodies produce sebum to make skin waterproof and keep it from drying out. When oil and dirt collect in the skin, it swells and in due course, the entrance to the pore gets dark and open. Sadly, enlarged pores are synonymous with genetics and age; if you're inflicted with the condition, it's truly irritating. Sun damage, decreasing skin elasticity, poor diet, hormonal fluctuations, and thick/oily skin can also cause pore to dilate. However, that doesn't mean you have to be lumbered with them; lifestyle changes can certainly help improve the situation.

What can you do??

Be sure to use a skin toner morning and evening as part of your regime.
Limit caffeine and sugary foods
Stay out of the sun and avoid vastly fluctuating temperatures where possible.
Use an oil-free foundation
For continual stubborn, enlarged pores, consider Micro-Botox from your dermatologist

The products to use

1. Vichy Normaderm Purifying Astringent Toner, €13.99. An essential step to tighten skin without stripping it of good moisture.



2. Nuxe Aroma-Perfection Unclogging Thermo-Active Mask, €18.25. Cleans skin, unblocks pores and reduces pore size.


3. No 7 Intense Protect & Perfect Advanced Serum, €33. Long-term benefits and instant blurring upon application.


The treatment that helps?
Profound Glycolic Peel

This works on event the most complex skin types to stimulate cell renewal without scary side effects and with results that are instantly visible. The treatment incorporates a double cleanse facial peel using Dr Daniello products that are tailored to your skin's needs and tolerance. Then follows a steam and extractions, a glycolic mask, and a relaxing shoulder/scalp massage while the products work their wonders. Final touches include moisturiser and sun block to protect that new complexion. A series of six weekly sessions is recommended with further home care protocol; €100 for one 45-minute treatment or €500 for a course of six at Aqua, 6 The Hill, Stillorgan, Dublin 18, 01 278 1616;


For your make-up bag?

MAC Mineralize Timecheck, €41.50 Known as "colour-free foundation" to industry experts.



This article was originally published in the October issue of IMAGE Magazine.

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