How To Recreate Emma Roberts' Met Gala Make-Up

One of our favourite looks at this year's Met Gala was Emma Roberts' perfect complexion, golden eyes and blush pink lips. Finally, Charlotte Tilbury has shared her step-by-step for how she created the look.

First off, Emma's face was prepped with Charlotte Tilbury's Instant Magical Facial Dry Sheet Mask, €24. Dry sheet masks are fantastic for dry, dehydrated skin. They're full of serum and give your skin a hit of hydration, leaving it feeling plumped and smooth. While we certainly aren't fancy enough to apply a dry sheet mask every time we apply our make-up, if you have a big occasion coming up, it will leave your skin with the perfect, prepped base.


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream??90

The next step was Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream. I know, at €90 a jar, it would wanna be magic. You can only put that kind of a price on your beauty product and call it 'Magic Cream' if you're pretty confident, so before you start tutting "notions," Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream really is worth the 90 quid. It's a celebrity favourite, made with an anti-ageing BioNymph Peptide Complex, combined with floral extracts and a hyaluronic acid booster to lift and flood the skin with moisture and to give you the perfect canvas to apply your makeup. It's perfect for a holiday glow, and if you're heading to the sunshine, it has an anti- UVA filter to protect the skin from ageing effects of the sun and for rehydrating dull skin after a long flight.

Next up, Charlotte used Magic Eye Rescue Cream, €55, and primed the skin with Wonderglow, €49, a color-correcting primer that gives what Tilbury herself has called "a Gisele supermodel filter" and who doesn't want that on their face? You can use underneath foundation or on it's own for dewy, pore-less, radiant holiday skin. Finally (!), after applying a sheet mask, Magic Cream, eye-cream and primer, Emma Roberts' face was prepped and ready for make-up.

Yves Saint Laurent?Touche ?clat, Star Collection, €24

The cult favourite Magic Foundation, €40 was buffed into the face, on the ears and down the neck. Using a retouching wand (try the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat, €24) and a small, angled brush, foundation was patted under the eye, around the nose and in smile lines for flawless coverage.

Next up, Emma's brows were brushed out and filled in with Brow Lift in Supermodel, €30then using the brow gel Legendary Brows, €27 to define them. Another tinted brow gel for visibly thicker brows, that colours and grooms every individual hair is Benefit's Gimme Brow, €26. For perfect definition, blend a dab of foundation or your Touche Eclatabove and below the brow and blend for a perfectly sculpted brow.


Benefit's Gimme Brow, €26

For eyeshadow, Tilbury started with an eyeshadow primer, then brushed a champagne gold eyeshadow, from the Dolce Vita Eyeshadow palette, €50 her across the eyelid, into the socket and under the eye. Try Urban Decay's Eyeshadow in Sin. Taking the Dolce Vita Eyeshadow palette in the crimson'shade (try the Inglot Signature Palette in Berry, €32), Tilbury swept it across the crease of the eye in a 'V' shape, then lined the eyes with brown.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Sin

For the gorgeous golden shimmer on Emma's eyes, Tilbury brushed the lids (using her finger!) with the Dolce Vita golden eyeshadow, then applied lashings of mascara. If you're looking for another gorgeously golden pigmented eyeshadow, the Inglot AMC Pure Pigment in 24 is perfect. Finally, on the eyes, apply your strip lashes.


Inglot's AMC Pure Pigment Eyeshadow in 24, €15

Using her brand new Contour Wand, €35, Tilbury contoured Emma's face; down the side of the nose, underneath the brow, in the hollows of her cheeks, around the jawline and into the hairline. Next, her new Hollywood Light Wand, €35, a rose gold highlighting wand, she applied a dab of highlight to the apples of her cheeks, down the center and the tip of her nose, the bow of the lip, the chin, the forehead and in the inner corners of the eyes and underneath the brow. Another highly concentrated illuminating highlighter worth your money is the?Dior Nude Air Luminizer, €48.60.

Dior Nude Air Luminizer €48.60

Emma's lips were outlined the iconic Pillow Talk lipliner, €22 for which there is simply no substitute, then Tilbury used?the shade Rising Star, €32 from her brand new matte Hollywood Lips Collection. A perfect substitute is Rimmel's Stay Matte in Blush, €7.95, which has up to 12 hours wear.

Rimmel Stay Matte in Blush, €7.95


Finally, using Moon Beach Cheek Colour Pop, €40, Tilbury blended a small dab of pearly pink into Emma's cheeks.

And that's it!

Watch the full YouTube tutorial?above.

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