How to Protect Your Skin in Winter

Even if you're one of the lucky ones and blessed with well-behaving skin, it's normal for things to get a little out of whack as the seasons change. Environmental factors like plunging temperatures and central heating can compromise the barrier of the skin, making it hard to hang on to moisture and exacerbating existing conditions like acne or eczema.

Dehydration is also a major factor in winter skin woes; combine a lack of humidity in the air with the excesses of the festive season, and you have a recipe for parched and thirsty skin that's lacking in water.

The first step to treating winter skin? Consult an expert; for our money, facialist Elaine Butler-Doolin from Bespoke Beauty is one of the best on our shores; she recommends a minimum of four professional skincare treatments each year, as the seasons change.? With differing seasonal environments come different complexion concerns; a tailored facial will provide you with personalised advice on your individual requirements, along with tips on tweaking your home routine.

And speaking of which, here's one quick change that can make all the difference. As nice as it feels, hot water is the enemy of winter skin; it depletes it of moisture and can make it look patchy and red. Use lukewarm water with your flannel, avoid water on your face as you shower and try to keep baths short and sweet. Follow up with moisturiser straight after your bath or shower, while your skin is still damp - it will literally drink up the product.

With skincare, invest in something to specifically boost your hydration. We're in love with Chanel's brand new serum (have a look at our glowing review) which both plumps and protects the complexion.


Also check out La Roche Posay - the brand specialises in sensitive skin - and anything rich in hyaluronic acid; this is a really effective skincare ingredient that helps to hold water in the skin. Look for it in everything from skincare to primers and cosmetics; we love the By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Primer which smooths and hydrates winter skin, and preps it for makeup.

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Emma Henderson @fluffyblog

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