How To: Give Texture to Thin And Soft Hair

You want your hair to style just like everyone else's, but it's too soft and fine to hold a look. Infuriating especially around party season.

The solution?

The long-time favourite trick is to wash hair the day before you want to style it, but that's not always practical. (What if you want to go to the gym? Or you have a business meeting? and who doesn't love the feel of squeaky clean hair anyhow?) Time to look to the new hair heroes. Silicone is the star ingredient in products that give freshly dried hair the grip it needs for textured styling. Work the products into damp hair and watch it turn into that "I woke up like this" (yeah, right) voluminous, messy, edgy look.

The products


TIGI Bed Head Joyride, €18.95



Redken Diamond Oil, €33.95


Wella Preoffessionals EIMI Ocean Spritz, €16.87

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