How to Get Ergonomic Eyes

Clever new eye make-up with a twist is making precision application that bit easier?

The perfect flick
One of those ?why didn't we think of it first?? products, NYX The Curve, €15.99, has an innovative, ergonomic shape that makes applying liquid liner that bit easier. Pop your elbow on a surface, turn the nib inwards and trace along lash roots - we've yet to draw a wonky line.

Balance those lashes
Lanc'me has observed that when we put on mascara, we typically do our right eyes so much better if we're right handed, and vice versa if we're lefties. Cue the evolution of the swan neck wand for their new Grandi'se mascara, €30. Short and twisted, it makes it easier to flit between eyes and perfectly apply a full, even lash fringe to both, minimising the need?for wrist gymnastics.


Something different
You may not remember when mascara only came in a comb and cake format, but behold its modern- day counterpart: POP Peak Performance Mascara, €16.90. Instead of dipping a brush into a pan, however, you twist the liquid up from inside, so it's more hygienic than an open-ended tube, won't dry out as fast, and gives a lovely, elongated, fanned finish.

Liz Dwyer

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