How To Combat Acne Scarring

Anyone who has suffered the lasting after-effects of acne will know all about the heartbreak that comes with trying to restore your skin after a particularly bad outbreak of spots. Depending on the severity of your acne, the skin can be left either mildly marked where it is easily covered with make-up or if, if is more noticeable, a different treatment option will be on the cards. Lately, the mainstay of my beauty and skin routine has been focused on trying to heal certain areas of my face, which have been left with very noticeable marks and acne scars. I've gone down the facial?route and found this has helped in terms of long-term maintaining of the skin, but daily home-care is important also. After'much use,?I've chosen six products that are slowly but surely starting to restore my skin and confidence.

It is worth noting that these six products are for treating mild to moderate scarring and won't work overnight; you must use these daily over weeks and months to see the full benefits. They help to restore the skin thus giving you a confidence boost, which is always a good thing. These six are a good starting point, and there are always other options if you feel that products alone aren't doing the job. However, start small and consult a good skin specialist before making any big decisions.

Clarins Mission Perfection Serum, €60

Clarins-Mission-Perfect-Serum (1)

I've raved about this one previously, and I found it to be one of the best serums I've used for treating scarring. The science behind this serum is based on exosomes - the so-called ?bad guys? when it comes to skin decay and pigmentation. Clarins, along with a world-renowned research centre, have determined that when these little messengers are exposed to aggressions like UV rays and inflammation, these exosomes trigger an increased production of melanin: the pest responsible for the appearance of dark patches and other blemishes. Mission Perfection stops this process by using extracts of acerola (of the cherry), which help to block these ?bad messengers.? Use it twice a day and your pores and scars should appear reduced.


New TriAcn?al Expert, €27




I've been using this on and off over my serum and found it very effective. It's an evening?moisturiser that comprehensively targets blemishes, marks and the signs of ageing. It's the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect of Diol?nyl?- a bacteria trap that directly targets spot-causing bacteria that I found was the most effective against fighting new spots and for marks, the?X-Pressin - an?exfoliating enzyme that gently and effectively exfoliates to smooth the skin and prevent dead skin cells from clogging pores - helped to fade lighter marks.?This is one that you'll have to use for some months before you see changes, but I found it was perfect for preventing spots around the oiler areas and is good for very mild markings as it is super gentle on the skin.

La Roche Posey EFFACLAR DUO, €17.99



This one has similar properties to the Avene cream, but I found it did the job quicker. My mild scarring and spots were visibly improved; the only downside is that it can dry the skin out slightly. I found it also worked best if used alongside the accompanying face wash.

Bio Oil, €19.99


While this is normally used for scars and stretch marks on the body, I've included it here because I use it in small amounts on my face on the areas that need the most TLC. I found it too greasy to be used all over the face, but it is good for targeting problem areas.

Pixi Overnight Glow Serum, €35


I'm a newbie to the Pixi range (available at M&S), but I'd heard great things about their overnight serum so I dutifully?purchased a bottle. Asides from the Cr'me de la Mer, I noticed visible results almost immediately, and this is because it's formulated with 10% glycolic acid. Glycolic acid penetrates within the dermal (inner) layers of the skin. This unique property makes it a suitable ingredient for treating a multiple of skin concerns including acne and even anti-ageing. It's an anti-inflammatory?and used in small amounts; it does wonders for treating scarring. Don't be put off by the percentage as it works in tandem?with cucumber and aloe vera extracts to calm skin and contains vitamins A, C and E to nourish. Two or three drops before moisturising at night and my skin had a glow the next morning.


Cr'me de la Mer Moisturising Cream, €138 & Concentrate, €305 (30ml)


While the moisturiser and concentrate are in the higher price bracket, there's no doubting the healing properties of Cr'me de la Mer. Both products contain the legendary Miracle Broth designed to fully enhance, revive and restore the skin. The cream I find is best used at night as it is of a heavier consistency, and a little goes a long way especially if you have acne prone skin. The concentrate also can be applied directly to the entire face or just to specific areas if you wish. While all the above products are worthy of use, I've seen the fastest, most visible results with Cr'me de la Mer. Again, nothing happens overnight, but if you use either product on a daily basis, you should see great improvements in your scarring as the weeks go on. Both products are ideal for the more moderate to severe scarring.

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