Holly White's day in beauty: ‘Most mornings I wake up at 6.30 and throw on my yoga gear’

Author and vegan food and beauty blogger Holly White talks us through what she uses, why she uses it and why her cats influence what hand cream she buys…

“Most mornings I wake up at 6.30 and throw on my yoga gear,” says Holly. We’re in awe, and envious of the routine already.


“I drink a glass of warm water with a tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar and then walk to a 7am yoga class. Working from home the temptation to stay in bed is strong but booking into a class gives me a reason to get up and is the best start to my day. I’ve always believed that a clear mind helps towards clearing your skin and products, much as I love them, can only take you so far.”


“Thinking about what I eat and how I treat my body is just as important as lipstick and liner! As a vegan I prepare 90% of my own food so I’ll roughly plan my day in terms of meals as well and pick up any required groceries en route home from class. Back home I dry skin brush and usually try and end my shower with a quick (literally 10 seconds) blast of cold water. I don’t tend to wear make up unless I am going to an event and I just apply body cream and moisturiser before making my way to my desk.”
Yonka Lotion Toner
Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Defence
Emma Hardie Prep and Prime
Yonka Hydra no 1
Tata Harper Illuminating Eye Cream
Oskia Renaissance mask
Yonka Masque no 1.
Dr Bronners organic Magic Balm
Jo Loves White Rose and Lemon Leaves perfume
“I am an ambassador for Yonka Skincare and have been to see where the products are made in Paris. When it comes to natural skincare this is the best of the best for me and I adore the products. My skin is extremely sensitive and reacts easily but using the range keeps it looking it’s very best. I cook a lot and also have three cats that always need cuddles so I am constantly washing my hands and love the Dr. Bronners balm and find it way more effective than a cream for really nourishing and deeply moisturising them.”
“I take a holistic approach to beauty and firmly believe what is going on in our lives and what we put into our bodies will reflect in our skin. Products can do a lot and can be a fabulous luxury but also I think we’ve all had moments where we felt glowy and gorgeous and it was simply happiness shining through. You can’t box or buy that - it comes from within.”
Bare Minerals Bare Pro in shade Dawn 02
Cover FX Blurring Primer
Penney PS... False Lash Effect
Note Precision Eyeliner
Laura Mercier powder
Hourglass brushes
“Moving all my cosmetics to cruelty free took a little while. To be honest I think a lot of people don’t like to even contemplate animal testing so it’s easier to turn a blind eye, but it’s a sad reality. I firmly believe the loudest voice you will ever have is how and where you spend your money. I have found a cruelty free alternative for every single product and will never support any company that tortures animals for cosmetics.”
“Find some YouTubers you love and just watch what they do. I didn’t get into make up really until I turned 30 and started working in TV. I didn’t understand how to apply things but now I love it. Lisa Eldridge, Into The Gloss, Ruth Crilly and Sali Hughes are all bookmarked.”
Natulique Everyday Shampoo
Nautique Moisture Conditioner
Kevin Murphy Powder Puff Texture Spray
Kent Brushes
Diva Curling Wand
LanaiBlo Dryer
“I am really loving the Natulique organic hair care products. When I went vegan the last thing I was able to change was hair colour and their’s is by far the best when it comes to natural, non-toxic lasting colour. I go to the team in Davey Davey about every six weeks for colour and it’s so good. I maintain it at home with the Natulique products. I also really like Aveda. For me it’s not just about the efficacy of a product I care about their sustainability policy, ingredients sourcing and ideally that the packaging is recyclable or recycled.”
“Build a good relationship with a salon and find somewhere you can talk easily. I used to go to places that might have been considered very cool but often felt intimidated into cutting more of my hair than I wanted and now I realise that while maintaining and literally dusting long hair is possibly a little boring for a hairdresser - your happiness as a customer is most important.”
Holly’s new book, Vegan-ish: A Gentle Introduction to a Plant-Based Diet, is published by Gill Books, priced €22.99 and is available now, www.holly.ie.

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