Holistic beauty: the energy reset

Looking for something more from your beauty treatments? Want glowing spirits as well as face and body? Need a reboot of mojo, but your muscles ache too? MELANIE MORRIS might have the solution...

Holistic beauty is having a moment. From jade face rollers to the rejuvenating power of acupuncture needles, it’s becoming more and more usual to find conventional beauty treatments being powered up by crystals, reiki and other complementary forms of beauty. As the seasons change, maybe it’s time to dial-up your regular routine and try a shot of something spiritual. Or best of all, combine science and something holistic to see the benefits both can bring in tandem.






Pretty much anyone trying to thrive and survive in the modern world.


Reiki is one of those treatments that is very hard to pinpoint exactly what it’s doing, or how it works, but put simply, it is an energy upgrade performed by a practitioner, or “reiki master” in a very non-invasive way. It’s a bit of a Marie Kondo for the body, clearing out bad energy, boosting the chakras, upregulating the immune system, and helping the body detoxify. A good connection with your reiki master is essential, and Jennifer Corcoran is someone with immense skill, empathy and likability. Her treatments always begin with a foot massage, to calm and relax. From there, it’s gentle hands-on healing as she works her way around the body, realigning energies and basically fine-tuning one’s chi. The client remains fully dressed, and the hour flies, as it’s so easy to drift in and out of consciousness. Once the treatment is finished, Jennifer spends time chatting through her findings and aftercare recommendations. Depending on the individual, Jennifer may detect and help heal emotional trauma, fatigue, SAD, or perhaps just rebalance.


Jen is the founder of Zen Wellness, a holistic spa filled with talented therapists with strong individual strengths and specialities. The centre is well worth a visit, and ideal for first-timers on a holistic journey, as Jen will guide a client through an extensive list of treatment options and what might be most beneficial to an individual (be sure to check out clairvoyant Gaby Baker).



€60 for a one-hour treatment.


Jennifer Corcoran, Zen Wellness, 13 Canal Walk, Parkwest, Co Dublin, 085 873 8999.

Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash.

This article originally appeared in the April issue of IMAGE Magazine, on sale now.

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