Here’s How To Make Your Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

Are you a morning person? I’m not. I’d much rather grab an extra five minutes in bed than spend time applying make-up. That’s where semi-permanent eyelashes come in. Usually made from mink, silk, or something synthetic, eyelash extensions are attached to your existing lashes to make you look wide-eyed and dolled-up for weeks.

Looking after your extensions will help them last longer, so we consulted some Ireland’s top eyelash artists (and Business of Beauty Awards nominees!) for their top tips and tricks.

Based in Eden Beauty Group, County Wicklow, Susan Fox says, “Preparation and aftercare are key. In the days before application, stop using any oil-based products. The glue won’t adhere to the lashes properly if there’s oil on them. Wash your lashes with a gentle cleanser (or a drop of baby shampoo mixed with tepid water) to ensure all traces of mascara are removed before the extensions are applied.” Once your natural lashes are clean and make-up free, you’re ready for your appointment. Susan notes that anyone with fair or grey lashes should have them tinted the week before application for best results.

When you’re in the treatment chair, you can close your eyes and relax while the artist gets to work. Treatments can last well over an hour, so enjoy your escape from the usual hustle and bustle. When it’s all over, Olivia Fitzsimons insists, “Home-care is essential for getting the most out of your luscious lashes! There can be a bit of work involved in maintaining them, but once you get extensions a few times all of this becomes second nature.” She adds that no mascara should be used on the extensions because “it just clumps them together and is a nightmare to get off!”

On that note, Rachel Bryan at Claudine King Brows and Beauty says, “If you must use eyeliner, make sure you are removing it completely with an oil-free cleanser (such as a miscellar water) and preferably use a black eyeshadow with a wet, angled brush instead of a liquid.”


As well as that, Susan says, “Once lashes are applied do not pull or twist them. Keep them dry as much as possible and avoid hot, steamy places such as saunas and hot tubs – the steam will soften and loosen glue.

This advice is echoed by Christoph McCormack at Christoph Eye Couture. Based in his salon at the Clayton Hotel, Dublin, he says, “Listen to the aftercare guidelines from your artist and follow them as best you can. Avoid moisture on the lashes for 24 hours post treatment.”

Moisture isn’t the only thing you should avoid, though. Harriet Mackey at The Blink Bar says, “You have to be careful of long, windy walks and exercise. Use non oil-based make-up remover and cleanse the lashes with lash shampoo or baby shampoo every night.”

If you’re trying to keep your lashes nice and feathery, Christoph recommends that you “brush them out daily with your lash brush and use a conditioning sealant twice a week to keep them soft.”

Jennifer Mahon, at The Brow Artist, has another great tip for keeping your extensions intact, saying, “I always advise my clients not to sleep on their side if possible. This can misshape the lashes and loosen them over time.” Duly noted!

Lastly, and very importantly, Zanda Wait at Burgundy Beauty Salon says never pull or pick at your lash extensions, and never try to remove them yourself. “Stick to a realistic lash refill appointment of 3-4 weeks.”

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