Halloween make-up tutorials that'll sort you out this weekend

If you're heading to any Halloween parties this weekend, these make-up tutorials should help get you in the running for an easy "Best Costume" win.

Here are two classic make-up tutorials from the lovely Lisa Eldrigde – AKA the patron saint of looking fab.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

First up we have the classic choice: Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Yes, it's a safe escape of an outfit, but it'll guarantee pretty photos if you're going to a party more costume than ghoulish. This video gets bonus points for some perfect eyeliner tips.


Mary Antoinette

If you want to go full-on tragic icon of femininity, Marie Antoinette is the only answer to that glam call. Here Eldridge shows us how to look like cake's most famous ambassador, pre-public beheading. This make-up tutorial is also great if you're looking for a whitened face that won't hurt your face for another costume - Victorian ghost, anyone?

Snow White

Are you looking after trick or treaters this year? Dress as a Disney princess to add to the adorable. Brunettes are committing a venial sin if they say no to Snow White. Also, someone has to eat all those lame apples.



Or you could genuinely terrify everyone and go as Barbie.


Lead the type of busy life that inevitably results in very last minute outfit ideas? Go as a cat. Sam from Pixiwoo has you sorted.

Pop Art

Want to work an intellectual vibe? Pop art is a clear sign that you did not decide on a last minute Dealz run. This Buzzfeed video is a perfect primer on working the retro failsafe.


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