Hairstyle tutorials to help you step away from the box dye

If you're craving a change for your hair, you don't have to turn to the home dye kit. We've found some great hair tutorials to help you try something different that's a little less permanent

It seems we're all getting fed up with our hair during lockdown. Whether yours is in desperate need of a cut, or you're just bored and looking for something different, plenty of people are dyeing or cutting their hair themselves, but you don't have to turn to something so permanent.

The hairdressers of Instagram are giving us plenty of hairstyles to try at home, from braids to Zoom-friendly updos. Most of them aren't too tricky, either, but at least you'll have time to perfect them before you get to debut them IRL.

Accordion Waves


Hairstylist Jen Atkin is great for tutorials that give relaxed, everyday looks, and she's definitely giving us the content we need in lockdown. In this video she shows us how to get beachy waves straight from the shower, with no curling iron in sight.

Jen's doing her hair for a Saturday night of Netflix watching, proving that you don't have to leave the house to have fun styling your hair.

Zoom-friendly updos


Hairshesons also are posting loads of great tutorials to keep us all busy at home. This one shows three great ways to put your hair up that will look put-together for your next Zoom meeting or family quiz.

Updos are also great for when your hair is due a cut and a little out of shape, so I will definitely be giving these a go.

Middle part high pony

If, like me, you've wondered how people get those sleek high ponytails but somehow also keep a middle parting, hairstylist Irinel de León has broken it down for us in this video. You could also use her technique to just put the top half of your hair up, which would work better for those of us with shorter hair.

Pull-through pigtails


Hairstylist Joseph Maine has been showing us how to do loads of interesting hair styles on his Instagram, using his sister Sabrina as a model. This is an easy way to keep long hair out of your way, and is a nice change from just throwing it into a huge bun.

Waves with a straightener

Dublin hairstylist Gary Coffey manages to make us jealous of a mannequin with this hair tutorial. Perfect for those of us who have never managed to perfect beach waves using a straightener, Gary shows us a technique that gives a natural-looking finish.


Side plaits

If your hair is looking a little less than perfect, this hairstyle is a great way to tame the front, while leaving the back loose. It's way less complicated than French-plaiting your whole head, but still looks like you've made an effort.

Featured image: @josephmaine, @jenatkinhair, @theouai

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