My hair played ball for the first time all year because of this Kevin Murphy gem

I'd had Doo.Over by Kevin Murphy in my bathroom press for about a year, but hadn't tried it. Since using it on Saturday night and seeing the result, I'm planning on ordering three more bottles so I never run out. Here's why.

I hate my hair right now. I mean, it's never my favourite thing, but at the moment I don't like anything about it. Hormonal changes mean it's changed texture completely in the last year. It's very damaged from bleaching, so in an effort to repair it, I've avoided colour for months, meaning I hate the mousey brown shade it's become. And so I wasn't expecting much from my hair for my Big Night Out (!) this past weekend.

I'd been using Joico's Body Shake to texturise my hair, but I left my bottle in one of the offices I work in and so had nothing to give my hair its much-needed grit. Without texture spray, my hair is a lifeless, unreasonably silky mess.

Enter, Kevin Murphy


I rummaged around my giant bathroom cabinet for something that could possibly pass for texture spray, and I found a handbag-sized bottle of Doo.Over by Kevin Murphy. The general premise of it is that it provides volume and hold, removes excess oil and is a dry powder finishing spray in-one, that allows for natural movement. Almost like a dry shampoo and texture spray in one.

I sprayed it in. I sprayed some more. Just lifting sections of my freshly-waved hair at complete random and spraying at will. The more I sprayed, the bigger and wilder my hair became - I was overjoyed. Size is the goal for me on nights out, because invariably my hair will flatten significantly the minute Gasolina by Daddy Yankee comes on and I fling myself athwart the dancefloor.


kevin murphy

Kevin Murphy DOO.OVER

€25 from

L'Oréal Paris Elnett Electric Nights


€7.98 from pharmacies nationwide 

Can't live without it

Officially, as of Saturday, 9 November, I cannot imagine living without this product. I'll admit, I finished my hair off using L'Oréal Paris' new limited edition Elnett - the stunning Electric Nights, which legitimately incited an "ooh" when I saw the bottle - and that provided the typical Elnett soft control and tidiness I have come to expect.

But it was Doo.Over that gave me the hair of my dreams for one night only, and now I will keep a stock for any big hair requirements.

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