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Holiday hair problems sorted...

1. Goodbye frizz, hello cocktails on the balcony hair
Forgo frizz and TRESemm?'s 7 Day Keratin Smooth Heat Activated Treatment, €8.99. Effectively a short-term, at-home version of the 12 Week Blow-Dry, we can't rate it enough. Apply like a conditioning treatment and heat seal in the cuticle-smoothing prowess of keratin. It will save you hours of battling with the blow-dryer, especially when there are cocktails to be had on the balcony.

2. Don't take any colour risks
Wait until you return from holidays to book in for a cut and colour, not least because the sun accelerates hair growth and fades colour pigments faster than you can say lowlight; but also, all that chlorine, sea salt and even the water in your holiday shower are full of mineral deposits that your hair is not used to, which can alter your colour dramatically.


3. DIY waxing?
DIY ladyscaping may sound like a recipe for disaster, but we tried it and were amazed at how adept we were. Veet's Easy Wax Electrical Roll-on Kit, €40, has a self-heating unit that heats the wax to the right temperature, and the roll-on applicator makes it possible to apply thin layers of wax for total coverage. We won't lie - pulling the strips off is just as stingy as it is in the salon, but if you go between two areas, it allows the heat to escape the skin that's just been waxed, so it's not as sore when you go back to the adjacent area. Also, icing the skin before you start helps to numb the area and closes pores for a better grip.

4. No more fuzz
If body hair re-growth is driving you potty, Inhibitif Advanced Hair-Free Body Serum, €34.99, contains active ingredients that slow follicle growth rate. Apply twice daily to shaved or waxed body parts for two months and watch as the fuzz becomes finer. Alternatively, Skin Doctors Hair No More, €12, uses salicylic acid to minimise hair re-growth, which also leaves skin smoother, thanks to the healing properties of its plant-based ingredients. Expect lighter, more sparse bristles when used up to five times per week.

Liz Dwyer?@BeautyBootcamp1

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