Hacks To Restore Broken Powder Cosmetics

When it comes to your beloved beauty booty, there is nothing more infuriating than waking up to find your favourite palette - be it bronzer, eyeshadow, setting powder or antyhing else - cracked into pieces and now adding an unwanted sparkle to?your carpet or the inside of your handbag.?Fear not; we've all been there, but thankfully we have found a way to fix it, restoring your powder as new. Relax and follow the step by step battle plan to resolve all future make-up cracks.



  1. Once you have found your broken powder, you have to pop it out of the box and throw in a mixing bowl (you might want to use a toothpick for this one, to get as much out as you can).
  2. Once you've done that, smash it up into smaller pieces (it's a little painful, but you can do it).
  3. Now for the clincher: pour a few drops of?rubbing alcohol onto the powder and then?cover it?(don't completely drown it). The product will absorb the liquid.
  4. Now put it all back into its original box, flattening it out and making it nice and compact (for this step put a cloth over the make-up and push it down so it's really compact). ?Now give it some time to dry.
  5. The next morning you will be able to apply?your powder like nothing ever happened. Magic.

This can also be a?handy?hack when you are getting near the end of your powdered products and you want to get the value out of every last bit.

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