Grace Coddington's guide to maintaining red hair in quarantine

The creative director at large at US Vogue shares how she's maintaining her vibrant red hair in lockdown

How do you cover up a grey root on bright hair colour?

Take it from Grace Coddington, creative director at large at US Vogue and red-hair inspiration for women globally.

In an interview with Vogue, she shared how she's been keeping her red looking vibrant and her root concealed.


Before quarantine, Grace Coddington reckons she was getting her hair coloured "probably every 10 days because, if I didn't, then it'd be completely white grey. Obviously being out here in Wainscott with all the hairdressers closed, it's a bit of a problem."

Having been home for over two months, she has about one and a half inches of grey root, and her secret is a root touch up, a tip she picked up from Lady Gaga's hairstylist. She told  Vogue, "I touch it up with Color Wow Root Cover Up. It's a little trick I learned when I was shooting with Lady Gaga. Her stylist said, 'Oh, you should try this!' because my roots were showing."

Color Wow Root Cover Up in Red, €36.86

"I was complaining about it and he said, 'Oh, I use this all the time.' And I believe he used it on Gaga because at that point she was wearing white blonde paired up with dark roots. The next day of the shoot, he came with Color Wow in my red shade. He tried it on me. It was so good!

"It completely covered it up. I mean, it gets to be a little scratchy if you don't wash it off because it's powder, but that's how I've dealt with it. I mean, I don't know, sometimes I just leave it grey because it's okay, really. Other times, like when I did an Instagram Live with Edward [Enninful], I looked at myself and I thought I better do something about it. So I used the Color Wow and even though it's quite a big growth, I think it disguises it really, really well."


Photography by @therealgracecoddington.

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