Give Up Yer Aul? (Beauty) Sins

Every year, Lent rolls around and we struggle through 40 long, hard days of sugar deprivation. But no-one likes being hangry in the office, so for 2015, we're calling time on bad beauty habits, instead. (Malteasers bunny, anyone?)

Repeat after us, for the duration of Lent - and hopefully ever-after - I shall not?

  1. Sleep in my makeup - even if it's late, and you've had a pina colada or three. ?By preventing the skin's natural renewal process, you could cause all kinds of damage - from clogged pores and the breakdown of collagen, to spots and wrinkles.
  2. Skip SPF - even when it's snowing (like it does here now in spring). If you're outside for more than 15 minutes every day, even if you can't see or feel the sun, it could be damaging your skin. You can use a lower factor in the winter, and ramp it up for the warmer months.
  3. Overpluck #dembrows - because skinny, patchy tadpoles above your peepers does d no-body any favours. Don't believe us? Just google Drew Barrymore in the 90s.
  4. Overdraw #dembrows - because two words: Scouse Brow.
  5. Forget to blend - tidemarks round the jaw and neck look so grubby, but are an everyday sight on our shores. Ditto harsh eyeshadow and liner; softening with a brush is more flattering. Pinky swear!
  6. Fail to wash what I put near my face ?? we don't just mean face-cloths, which you should be switching out daily, but pillow cases, scarves, phones - all of ?em could be contributing to breakouts if they're not kept clean.
  7. Wallow in a Hot Bath or Shower - no matter how lovely it feels, it's zapping the natural moisture from our skin. Check out these tips for caring for winter skin - yes, we know its springtime, but does the weather?



So become angels with no more beauty sins.

Emma Henderson @fluffyblog

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