Gifts For My Girlfriends

I always say that all mums have a committee of people helping them out as they raise their little ones to become large ones. From our own mums, to teachers, minders and best mates, these are the heroes who help us keep the show on the road. And when Christmas rolls around, it's time to treat them with gorgeous gifts for their stellar support given via time donated, wine poured and patience applied to those occasions when both adults and kids are in a frazzled frenzy!

This year I'm thinking my particular heroes deserve the below bounty from Boots.



This is a busy lady. She teaches first class. There is no real need to elaborate much on what that's like! She cares for, guides, entertains and educates close to 30 kids and she somehow can control them - which to me is something akin to magic! She deals with noise, tempers, tantrums and falling out teeth on a daily basis as well as answering the most bizarre questions - ?what is electricity? ?why are there stars?. Delightfully sweet questions, yes, but also quite demanding of intense mental clarity and quickness in order to answer!


So I salute our teacher, and for her busy, noisy days spent teaching my daughter, I will gift her a bath! God knows, she needs a long, quiet, fragrant soak and the Champneys Bubble Heaven, €23, set is just the thing to deliver those moments of peace. Containing three separate bubble baths entitled Rewarding, Indulgent and Relaxing, she can create an oasis of calm in her own home and restore her frazzled soul this Christmas.

giftsBest Mate

This lady takes a vital seat on my committee of heroes. Consistently there to listen to me and knows innately whether she needs to actually give feedback of any sort, or merely just let me rant and rave as I offload the weight of the day. Her input on any given day can range from listening, nodding and pouring wine (whilst making encouraging noises), or actively helping me to draw out my favourite bubble charts to see how all areas of mine and my kids lives are panning out either to plan, or veering off course entirely (yes bubble charts may sound odd, but they work for me!).

So because we both turned 40 this year (eek!) and because I really want to treat her, I'm going to splash out on the No7 Ultimate Collection, €105, for her this year.

This collection is the Rolls Royce of beauty sets as far as I can see; it contains all the highlights from the range including the No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Day and Night Creams, which I am fanatical about. There are also body milks, cleansing lotions, bath products, hand cream and their amazing Lash Impact Mascara.


Au Pair


This lady is such a vital part of our little family as she takes the place of me when I'm not there. As all mums know, it's hard to leave and place trust in another person to mind the little people, and we're so lucky to have struck gold. Our au pair specialises in drawing rather excellent cartoon characters to holding daily kitchen discos with them pre-dinner time to burn off all that extra latent energy that could easily turn to a bedtime meltdown if not channeled outwards beforehand! She's become part of the house and for her loving care of my kids (and me, from time to time), I will give her the Ted Baker Sparkle and Shade set, €26, as she's a massive makeup fan and she can wear these gorgeous tones to her parties over the season.



The very first member of my support committee, my Mum is always there to mind, mop up and mentor me as life inevitably throws its? curveballs in my direction. She's the one who listens to the worst of my woes and worries in all their unfiltered glory and still finds it fit to buoy my spirits by suggesting a walk around town and a coffee in a ?nice coffee shop?! She also still insists that I receive a Christmas stocking, even at this age, so for that lovely faith in Christmas spirit, I will gift her the Reiss Parfum Trio, €48, as she loves clean, modern design and is always on the lookout for new scents.



Ok, yes, I know, this is a list for my committee but there's something that feels quite right and self-supportive about giving something to one-self! I think there is a lot to be said for marking the passing of another year and congratulating yourself on getting through it. Even though my committee are my heroes, it's nice to be a hero for yourself too, so for this year, my ultimate beauty wish list item is the Phillips Lumea Prestige Hair Regrowth Prevention System for Body, €579.99, as I can't think of a more fantastic beauty New Years Resolution than to follow through on a hair removal plan. Hair-free by summer - imagine!


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