Getting your legs ready for New Year's Eve

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It's been approximately twelve weeks since my legs last saw sunlight. Yes, since September my legs have been wrapped in tights, leggings or jeans and with New Year's Eve around the corner it's almost time for them to make a reappearance. This is slightly terrifying as the minute they're covered up its easy to slack with the daily moisturising, if you're probably in the same boat, don't worry we have you covered. See below for our tips on getting your pins party ready, fake tan optional.

Body brushing

This is one of those beauty routines you always hear people wax lyrical about but rarely do yourself, isn't it? All the hype wasn't for nothing, body brushing really does work and is the best way to banish dry skin. Use the brush dry, before showering and with no product, this can feel a little strange at first so be gentle. Firmly move the brush in circular motions to remove dryness, this will also boost circulation to all areas which will help the skin to feel tighter and healthier. If you do this the night of an event (obviously not if you're wearing tan) it will help your legs looks great, but for optimum results start at least a week before.


Body Brush Round; €13.50 at The Body Shop


Going from central heating to the cold outdoors is a recipe for dry and flaky skin. Needless to say for your legs to look amazing you should be moisturising daily, but here at IMAGE we're all about realism and sometimes that just isn't possible. Most days you need to hop out of the shower and straight into your work clothes, with no time for a full body buttering in-between. We would suggest aiming for at least three times a week and if so go for a super-rich moisturiser that will make up for the days you skipped.

Kiehls Creme de Corps; €55.00 at Arnotts

Glowy legs


If you've been body brushing and moisturising your skin is probably already looking super healthy. But to get them looking really fantastic for a night on the town there are some extra special products you can use. We love Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse, a spray on body oil, I use the normal one all summer, even during the day, to give my legs a healthy glow. For this time of year we would suggest the one containing gold shimmer as it looks incredible in evening light. Another handy product to have is Charlotte Tilbury's Supermodel Body- a bronze coloured glow with a roller ball applicator. The squeezy tube makes it easy to apply, so go to town with it, run it down your shins and the middle of your thighs to make legs appear longer, this will also translate well in photos (and who doesn't want that for their Instagram?).

Huile Prodigieuse Multipurpose Golden Shimmer Oil 100ml; €42.90 at Marks and Spencer


Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body; €59.00 at Brown Thomas

As lots of women do feel self-conscious about their legs- with many of us oft-proclaiming that we hate them- anything you can do to make you feel better about baring them is worth investing in. All of the above doesn't really take that much time and if you slot it into a daily routine you can easily keep on top of it and be ready for any impromptu Christmas drinks!


Header Image: Jason Lloyd Evans

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