The Irish beauty entrepreneurs creating world-class formulations: meet Bia by Codex

Maybe it’s because as a nation, we’re dogged by sensitive skin and countless complexion complaints, but right now the Irish beauty business is teeming with entrepreneurs creating world-class formulations that are unique, effective and delicious to use. Melanie Morris profiles some of our most exciting homegrown skincare heroes.

Bia Beauty is a niche Irish brand that’s about to go supersonic. The work of Tipperary-born Tracey Ryan, the all-natural brand was created by her as part of her final year project when studying herbal science at Cork Institute of Technology and was officially launched on the market in 2012.

Meanwhile, Silicon Valley entrepreneur Barbara Paldus was flying back and forth to Cork on business and found Bia in the airport. Tuned into the importance of natural skincare due to her son’s super-sensitive situation, Bia delivered superb results for Paldus’ family, and she decided to pivot into founding an umbrella skin brand, Codex, that will harness the world’s most powerful plants and super-ingredients into a portfolio of outstanding products.

Bia by Codex launched during the summer and is already expanding its product range from five to 14, with Tracey positioned as head of formulations, and MD of Codex Europe. Looking for the hero? It’s the Skin Superfood, a multitasker that soothes, nourishes, fights irritation and pollution, and reinforces the skin’s functional barrier. Codex, and Bia within the brand, has also launched in the US and Middle East, as well as Europe and the UK; the group’s production and development are centralised in Co Cork.

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