How to get the most out of your weekend blow-dry

With St Patrick’s Day upon us again, many of us are making plans to celebrate everything it means to be Irish. Whether you’re heading out to enjoy the festivities, or you’re off to a party with friends, why not treat yourself to a bouncy salon blow-dry? We’ve got our appointments booked already – but we’d love to know how to maintain the look all weekend long. We asked some amazing Irish hairdressers (and nominees in this year’s IMAGE Business of Beauty Awards) for their tips and tricks to ensure our blow-dry lasts till Monday.

Aidan Darcy at Brown Sugar

Photo credit: Instagram @aidandarcyx

“In order to get three days out of a blow-dry, it all starts with a good hairstylist – someone who can smoothen out frizz, add bounce or curls. Also, product is going to be your best friend! When hair is properly prepped before a blow-dry you will get longer out of it. Many people are worried that product will make the hair greasy or sticky, but when the right product is used for your specific hair type, your blow-dry will last longer. Dry shampoo is also a handy little tool to keep your blow-dry looking better for longer.”

Leah Cunningham at Peter Mark


Photo credit: Instagram @petermarkhair

“Using the correct shampoo and conditioner definitely plays a big part in this. If you washed with a shampoo that's not suited to your hair type, your hair is going to feel heavy and greasy by day two. You also have to choose the correct styling products for your achieved look – I don’t think the old wives’ tale of underwear on your head really works (I do get asked this often!). Also, using Redken two-day extend dry shampoo is a must. Apply it straight after blow-drying for hold.”

Sarah Ethel at Dry & Fly

Photo credit: Instagram @dryandflydublin

“Throw the brush out the window! Well, maybe not. Don't over-brush the hair. Use something light such as a serum and use your hands to shake out the hair, running your fingers through the blow-dry. Also, a nice trick is to sleep on a silk pillowcase, it will prevent your hair from going frizzy.” 

Shauna Millea in The Salon at the Shelbourne

Photo credit: Instagram @the_shelbourne_salon


“To get three days out of your blow dry I would recommend to not keep touching and playing with your hair, as it will make your hair fly-away. Also, use a shower cap when showering so the steam will not make your hair frizz.”

Aidan Darcy, Leah Cunningham, Sarah Ethel, and Shauna Millea are nominated for Best Bloody Brilliant Blow-Dry in this year’s IMAGE Business of Beauty Awards. Tickets for this glam event are selling fast, so if you’d like to nab a seat, click here to buy. 


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