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1. After applying foundation, you want to define your bone structure using an illuminating cream like L?Or?al Paris Pure Light Primer. Pat on with your ring finger to lightly create a C-shape from your cheekbone to above your brow.

2. Prep eyelids with an eye shadow primer to get the best colour pay-off and select a palette of burgundy reds, burnished bronzes and deep golds, like L?Or?al Paris Color Riche Quad in Eau de Rose, to create this seductive eye look.

3. Trace a burgundy shadow along lower and upper lash lines, extending upwards to the temples at the outer corners, to create an almond shape. Overlay with a dark bronze shadow from lash lines to sockets, then blend the medium bronze into the centre of lids and pop the lightest shade on the inner corners of the eye.

4. To create a multi-dimensional lip, begin with a lip liner slightly darker than your lipstick and sketch in the corners, leaving the plump centre of each lip bare. Apply a rich red with a lip brush, starting in the centre and eventually layering over the pencil outline. Overlay with a generous layer of gloss shot with a little shimmer to make lips look bigger.

5. For the final flourish, upcycle a creamy gold eye shadow or highlighter, like L?Or?al Paris Color Riche Mono, and pat onto the centre of the lips for a hint of gold leaf on the mouth.

Pro Tip: "Don't use shimmery eye shadow textures above your socket line, as they emphasise fine lines and can make the eye appear puffy or hooded. Switch to a matt texture for blending and emphasising the brow arch instead."


1. This look requires lots of volume, so use a product that will expand the diameter of each strand. Spritz Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray?a gel spray that bigs up hair without making it sticky - evenly onto roots, from the forehead to the nape of the neck.

2. Using a paddle brush, blow-dry hair nice and sleek, back from the face.

3. Backcomb the hair from the crown towards the fringe with a soft backcombing bristle brush and smooth over the top as you go.

4. For the sides, take small sections from just behind the ear, spray each with hairspray, comb upwards towards the mid-back section of the head, place a tissue over the sides of hair (so it doesn't mark), and place a small section clip at the back to set into place. Repeat on the opposite side.

5. When the hairspray has set, remove clips and finish by spritzing a cloud of shine spray into the air and walking into it.

Pro tip: "For polished ends, be sure to use the nozzle on your hairdryer and point it down the lengths. It takes a fraction longer, but it seals the cuticles, making each strand more light reflective and thus shinier."

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