How To Get Chrissy Teigen's And Olivia Wilde's Oscars Hair

Everyone is all about the dresses at a glitzy red carpet event, but it's the beauty glam squads that deserve just as much credit. The final touches of make-up and hair can elevate a look from beautiful to iconic, if done right. At the 88th Academy Awards, sculptural up-dos paired with twists and bohemian braids'reigned supreme.

Below are step by step guides on how to achieve?Chrissy Teigen's perfect?ponytail and Olivia Wilde's braided bun:



Jessie Corkery and Emily O'Callaghan, The Edge Hair Design on Chrissy Teigen's relaxed braided ponytail:

1. Prep pre-shampooed towel dry hair with L?Ore?al Professional's Tecni.ART Pli Shaper and blast dry to create natural texture.

2. Apply the L?Ore?al Professional's Tecni.ART Wild Stylers Next Day Hair throughout the lengths of the hair for a soft, voluminous texture.

3. Next, take the hair at the crown and pin it away. Take two one-inch sections on both sides of the ears and braid all the way down, while using the fingertips to rub the hair and create texture.

4. Release the hair at the crown and begin to braid down the middle and combined the five braids in one hand and ?'secure with elastic. Using a handful of bobby pins, secure braids for extra hold.

5. Take the lengths of the hair and create a larger braid and secure with elastic, leaving out the ends at the bottom.

6. To complete the look, pull out loose pieces around the face for beautiful, airy volume. Rub the braids with fingertips to create a soft texture and spray the finished look with L?Ore?al Professional's Tecni.ART Fix Design, for a hold that lasts all night but isn't stiff or crunchy.


Black Ambers Roy Kennedy explains how to achieve Olivia Wilde's braided bun:

1. Shampoo hair with REDKEN Body Full Shampoo

2. Apply REDKEN Guts 10 Volume Spray Foam into the root area to create volume & prevent fly away hairs. This product has medium control while keeping a natural feel and texture.

3. Apply a small amount of REDKEN Hot Sets 22 Thermal Setting Mist - A heat protector to the ends and blow-dry hair into a side parting.

4. Using a thermal setting spray such as REDKEN Iron Shape 11 Finishing Thermal Spray. Go through the hair section by section and create a soft wave to the ends with a hot styling tool. This will keep the hair pliable and easy to style

5. Taking three small sections at the front of the hair, criss-cross each section to create a soft braid.

6. As your crossing the sections add an extra bit of hair into your braid from the sides so all hair is in the braid. Secure with elastic and repeat on the other side.

7. When both sides are done loosely twist each braid around each other to create a soft bun at the back

8. Secure the bun using clips and pins. Making sure the elastic is well hidden inside the bun. Spray the hair with a normal to strong hold hair spray, REDKEN Quick Dry Instant Finishing Spray to hold the style and prevent any fly away hairs. Finally, add a light mist of shine spray all over.

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