Why I Generally Hate Gel Nails (but love this one)

One of my latest budget hits has been the rather marvellous Super Gel by Rimmel. Unlike most people I seem to know, I am not a massive fan of salon applied gel nails, as I often find that they build up the height of the nail too much, and the finish and shine sometimes loses it's lustre after a few days for me. There's nothing like a glossy nail painted with regular polish in my view. Yes, it doesn't last as long and yes, it's rather old-school and all you Shellac addicts could practically work in the mines with your bare hands and come back up with mani intact, but still I object!

Maybe I'm an anomaly in this area, but for years I have stood firm, I totally prefer doing my own nails, choosing only to have gels applied in my pedicures (yes, yes, I sound slightly schizo), but to each their own and all that jazz.


But here's the thing; I have had an epiphany of sorts. I was tempted to try the Super Gel from Rimmel because of the gorgeous shade that is the mauvey-grey Punk Rock. I applied two coats followed by the top coat and immediately loved the shade and stellar shine.

And that was that, or so I thought, until days (and even more days) passed and the stuff didn't chip. At all! And it stayed shiny for 10 days.


So, humble pie is mine to eat. Now I like gel manis. But only if I can do it myself.



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