Gallery: Gentlemen Prefer ?Brondes?

This seems to be the hair colour that everyone is after right now: the ?Bronde? look. It's hair that isn't quite brown and isn't quite blonde, but a mesh of both colours resulting in what we think is perfect holiday hair that you can wear every day. The most recent celebrity to embrace the new tone is Katy Perry, who just this weekend posted on Instagram a picture of her new bronde look. But she is certainly not the the first; from Blake Lively to JLO Gisele to Cara, the trend increasingly nods to a less artificial look that follows the natural evolution of the hair. You can go either way with the bronde look, some want their locks a little browner and some want more shades of blonde thrown in, but either way the colour can be tailored depending what suits you best. We've put together a few pictures of our favourite bronde looks, would you try this or have you already done so?


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