Future Icon: Why this YSL product is better than Touche Éclat

Which YSL product might just be better than its more famous sibling, Touche Éclat - and what exactly makes it so good.

Just to be clear about one thing: Touche Éclat is iconic for a reason, and remains to this day the gold, clickable best friend and confidante for many women and their dark-circle inducing secrets. But I feel it's a little unfair that Touche Éclat is the only YSL Beauté product with 'icon' status, especially when there are others from the brand that are equal to it or, dare I say it, better.

Highly commended from YSL, the brand for which Kaia Gerber (pictured) is the current face, although in a different beauty category entirely from Touche Éclat is my long-time love, Effet Faux Cils mascara. False lash effect, en anglaise - and they're not exaggerating with that name. It's a standout leader when it comes to lash products.

Then there's the incredible Rouge Volupte Shine lipstick which I wore on my wedding day and every day since (no lie). Silky, beautifully scented, packing a colour punch without drying lips at all - the dream, really. That, too, is an iconic YSL product.

But what blows the household name status Touche Éclat out of the water?


For me, it's got to be All Hours.

Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Foundation, €44


A foundation like no other I've tried, this is full coverage and matte, and yet doesn't feel caked, heavy or like my skin can't breathe. It manages to give the look of healthy, glowing skin while still reducing shine, covering imperfections and lasting, you guessed it - ALL hours.

It has 33 shades to choose from, based on your skin's undertone. It's oil free, doesn't clog your pores up and once it dries on your skin, it doesn't rub off. The benefits keep coming: it also has a broad spectrum SPF20.

The reason I knew it was love with this one? The foundation stayed on my nose. I literally cannot find any product, no matter what calibre of primer I use, that will stay put on my nose for longer than a few minutes. I have been blessed (ahem) with a nose for a beauty story, but not a nose for makeup.


I plan to investigate more hidden icons from more brands in future - what do Estée Lauder do that's better than Double Wear? Check back to Image.ie to find out! If you have any future icon suggestions, tweet or Instagram me @aislingmkeenan or of course, @image.ie.


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