Future icon: Struggling with yellow nails? This Cutex product will sort it

Yellow nails? Not a good look. As a perennial red polish wearer, I often have discolouration on my nails and it drives me mad. But there's a solution and it won't break the bank (or your perfectly filed tips)

My manicurist hates me because I never want anything on my nails other than an almond shape and a true red shade.

She doesn't get to use her extensive skills in nail art, doesn't get to make a perfect acrylic surface or play around with shape. I am a creature of habit.

(As an aside, is "my manicurist..." THE most first-world way to start a sentence? Yes, yes it is.)


However, my glam habit has led to seriously yellow nails over time, in spite of the best base coats being used. Sometimes, you just get discolouration and it could be caused by many factors.

Healthy happy nails

In some cases, yellow nails can indicate infection or other health issues. So, if this a prolonged issue for you, it might be worth checking with your GP, just to rule out anything more serious.

However, if your yellow nails is a purely aesthetic concern and you've been lashing on dark tones and glitters all winter, I have found the product for you.

Cutex Stained Nail Corrector, €7.99

This little genius uses optical brightening particles (fancy) to immediately neutralise dull, yellow tones. It has a colour correcting formula and also contains vitamin E to brighten and whiten up your nail beds again, flying in the face of your dedication to coloured claws.


Three ways to better nails

As someone whose nails are their most cared-for body part, I will also impart some of my own top tips for bringing your nails back to life if they're a little dull and lacklustre:

  1. Buff - get yourself a nail buffer, and every so often brush it gently across your nail beds. Don't go too mad - you don't want to take a layer off. Make sure your buffer isn't too harsh!
  2. Cream - healthy hands equal healthy nails. Use a good hand cream once a day at least - and if you can manage it, throw a load of cream on and pop your hands into plastic gloves for an hour.
  3. Oil - cuticle oil will keep your nails and hands feeling and looking their best. I love the Solar Oil from CND, or the apricot one from Essie - either are great. Make sure to use them consistently.

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