Future icon: The He-Shi instant tan flying under the radar

The world of instant tan is full of absolute gems, but we've all got our favourites. Mine doesn't seem to be getting the recognition it deserves in the tan hall of fame, so I'm here to let you know why it's a beauty essential...

It'd be rare enough now that I'd have the foresight to plan in my tanning needs, so I've become more than au fait with the best of the best when it comes to instant tans.

Plan that tan

Some people are dedicated spray tan people, some opt for an overnight developer, but I am a Last Minute Linda in tanning terms, so I've gone through pretty much every brand there is trying to find one that never lets me down - come rain, hail or shine. Rain and hail being the most concerning obviously.


Don't get me wrong - I have found several I love. You can't go far wrong with a bottle of Rimmel Sunshimmer, and I'm partial to a Sally Hansen leg spray if I'm particularly pasty. But the one that's always in stock, that I never let supplies of get too low? He-Shi One Day Tan.

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Why it's unreal

Let me count the ways!

  • It makes my skin look like I've been on holiday
  • It's not orange at all, it doesn't bring out the typical Irish-skinned redness either
  • I love that the formula is really silky and light, not gloopy at all
  • It applies to the skin so easily, you don't need to do any vigorous rubbing
  • It doesn't smell at all, which is rare in tan land

As well as all of that...

  • It's paraben and alcohol free - no drying of the skin
  • It's got 100% naturally derived DHA
  • It's super quick drying and not sticky at ALL
  • Gentle enough to use on the face should you need to
  • Not tested on animals - always something I look for

He-Shi One Day Tan in Medium, €18.16

Buy Irish

One of my favourite things about He-Shi as a brand is that they're Irish. Cocoa Brown are another outstanding Irish tan brand that I love - I use the 1hr version all the time when I have an hour to wait, of course. But when I've zero time for anything other than instant tan, I whip out a fresh mitt and a bottle of One Day Tan and go to work.

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Mousse, €7.99

Top tip? Knees down, boobs up


I surely cannot be the only person that applies instant tan from the knees down and boobs up for most of the year? Irish weather means the rest of the bod isn't particularly visible so why waste precious millilitres when you don't have to, I say. Let the rest of your skin chill under a nice layer of moisturiser, it'll be all the more supple the next time you do need to go for a full body situation.


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