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Irish skin sometimes just needs an Irish skincare brand - I know mine does. Codex is a new collective of skincare, and their hero product, Skin Superfood, has become a forever staple for me. Here's why.

Backed by science

The thing that struck me first about Codex Beauty as a brand (which is essentially a collective of global brands with a new approach to natural skincare, with pharmaceutical grade processes and a focus on sustainability) is that they have excellent clinical trials. Not just consumer trials - don't be fooled! - clinical ones. Extensive ones, over a decent time period. That's something I always look for or ask when a new skincare brand makes any bold claim.

Irish skin winner


So, their entire Bia range, which is an amalgamation of Irish brand Bia Beauty, created by Cork based herbal scientist Tracey Ryan, with international brand Codex, intrigued me from the offset. Their Skin Superfood, however, has been a literal game-changer for me. It's a super healing and intensely reparative treatment cream.

First use

I first used it, strangely, on a freshly scabbed-over cut on my shin. Nice visual there - sorry! But it's true. My first go of it, the first of many, was as a way to soothe the irritated and inflamed skin around this scab on my leg.

Two days after using it, the scab softened and came off, leaving my skin fine underneath it. It seemed to speed up the process of helping that skin hydrate itself again and stopped it from being so itchy and dry.

irish skin

Codex Bia Skin Superfood

€55 from codexbeauty.com


Since then I've been using it on my hands, on any dry patches, under tan on my tricky bits (elbows, knees etc) and it's just incredibly soothing. It's not overly oily or sticky or too thick either, it's got a lighter consistency than most 'soothing' very rich products and that I find to be really appealing. It's going to be something I rebuy, over and over.

The rest of the range, or what I've tried of it, is really great too - to adapt-a-quote the great Stanley Tucci in The Devil Wears Prada, give me minimalist packaging and a hint of a clinical trial and I'm on board.

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