Future icon: The Inkey List secret weapon for eyes

Puffy, tired and dark under-eyes are potentially a thing of the past thanks to new brand on the block The Inkey List. Here's how their caffeine eye serum is affecting my eye area

I've long been searching for an eye cream that I can use in the morning when my eyes are creased from the pillow, tired because I stayed awake too late and dark circled because, well, I haven't been getting enough sleep for actual decades, like most people.

Intriguing brand


I had dinner with the two (amazing, sound and hilarious) founders of The Inkey List last week to hear all about the brand, and in a sea of cool, minimal and easy to understand products, the straightforwardly-named Caffeine intrigued me.

I started using the eye serum (note: not a cream) that night, and the next morning. Within less than a week, it's my new favourite eye product. It's like a shot of espresso for your under-eye area. Packed with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory abilities, it works away as both an anti-ageing and anti-puffing product.

The Inkey List Caffeine Serum, €11.99, Arnotts

It didn't occur to me until I read about it online that caffeine is a diuretic so, naturally enough, it helps reduce water retention, and hence puffiness, under your eyes.

Cream + serum?

I did find it necessary on particularly dry-eyed days to use a more rich cream five minutes after the Caffeine one (waiting those few minutes to let the initial one settle) and for that, I reached for Cerave's Eye Repair Cream, which I also rate as a cheap-but-brilliant eye product.


Cerave Eye Repair Cream, €11.99

Under eye issues can't be completely solved with just an eye cream - things like diet, genetics and age play a serious role in the fate of that area. But for me, thanks to several compliments about how 'awake' I looked, this caffeine product (for less than €15) is my eye staple for the foreseeable.

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