Future icon: Glossier have nailed it with this brow product

I love a good brow product, and when Ardell's Stroke-a-brow stopped floating my boat I was on the hunt for a replacement. And I think I've found one in Brow Flick from Glossier...

Honestly, if Katie Jane Hughes told me I needed to use a broccoli floret to apply my foundation, I would believe her and go straight to Supervalu to buy some. A while back we told you she helped Glossier with their launch of this new product, and now I've made the investment and given it a thorough trial.

Brow goals

When Katie Jane first talked about Glossier's new Brow Flick instead of the other brow products she normally uses, I was instantly intrigued and found myself credit card in hand buying two different shades to try.


As far as I'm concerned, KJH is brow goals - she plucked hers into oblivion years ago and they haven't grown back, but yet she draws them on so perfectly she out-brows most of Instagram's brow legends.


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Brow *product* goals

What I want from any brow product I use is a realistic-looking result. I don't want my brows to be blocks of solid colour with no nuance, I want it to look like overnight I've sprang 100 new hairs. Ardell's Stroke-a-brow was great at this until I used it a few times and the nib went blunt and it started to dry out.

Enter Glossier - who, as an aside, didn't send me a press sample of this product - and their new Brow Flick.

brow product


Glossier Brow Flick

€18 from glossier.com

I went for the Blond and Brown shades (black is also available) and found a mix of both to be the best. They're a reasonable price too - €18 each - so I didn't mind buying both. I didn't invest in the Glossier brow gel that is recommended, as I firmly believe that if you've tried one brow gel, you've tried them all (don't @ me).

I love the product and it'll be a staple in my admittedly already quite large brow arsenal. My top tips? Store it upside down, start with light flicks to get your shape right and build from there. Oh, and give it five minutes to set completely dry before applying anything in the general area to avoid losing the stroke definition.

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