The wearable Fuschia palette I didn't expect to love

If you're on the hunt for a new all-rounder that you can throw in your handbag without weighing yourself down, this Fuschia palette is a dream. Here's why it became an unexpected favourite.

I'll level with you. Most recently launched palettes terrify me. I am unashamedly basic when it comes to my palette choices - in every way except my high standards for quality, of course. So when I saw Irish make-up artist Michelle Fox had collaborated with Fuschia (I read Holly's top ten list last week) I was intrigued but apprehensive. Until I got the press sample.

fuschia palette

Michelle Fox x Fuschia Face and Eye Palette, €35


As you can see from the picture, all shades are all supremely wearable. There are eight matte shades, four shimmering and metallic shades, one bronze and contour shade, and one peach blush and one highlighter shade.

The pans are a generous size, the names are gas (like Mahogs, which is such an Irish thing) and there aren't any that you couldn't use alone, together or in conjunction with any other eye palette you have in your collection.

My favourite combinations so far are Creme Brûlée, Salted Caramel and Brown Sugar (sounds like a delicious dessert) and for a more dramatic look, Warm Up, Mahogs and Smoke It with a touch of 24K Gold in the centre of the lid.

One of the most frustrating things about multi-use palettes can often be how clunky and cumbersome they are to lug around. I adore the Chiara Ferragni palette for Lancôme, but I'm loathe to bring it out with me because of its heavy plastic casing and somewhat delicate feel. This Michelle Fox palette is sturdy, absolutely, but relatively light, and still comes with a giant mirror. Win, win.

Photography by Jason Lloyd Evans and Fuschia. 

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