Future Icon: Dream Coat really is a dream for hair

Dream Coat by Color Wow... I'd heard lots of good things, but as with any hair so-called miracle, I was skeptical. But after I tried it, I was converted. Here's how it helped tame my thin, flyaway hair...

What I'd heard

I'm always apprehensive about things that claim to de-frizz your hair, mostly because anything beyond wash-out conditioners tend to weigh my very fine, light hair down and make me lose volume.

If you're plagued by the demon frizz, this can be a challenge - it's either volume and keep the frizz, or smoothness but no volume.


I had heard that Color Wow's Dream Coat Supernatural Spray was amazing for smoothing hair and keeping the humidity from taking over your life. I'd heard that if you use it once when blowdrying, it lasts for three washes. It promised a lot, like many products tend to.

It claims:

  • to be a 'weightless surface sealant' for weatherproofing individual hair strands
  • to be an anti-humidity and anti-static
  • to have a UV filter for protection against colour fade
  • to keep your hair super shiny
  • to last for three shampoos

It really is a dream coat

It was used on me first by my incredibly talented hair dresser - I was blown away by the result, but that's easy to say because the product was blowdried in by a professional. When she used it, because it's heat activated, she applied it section by section and dried each piece. My hair was smooth, lightweight, shiny and looked amazingly healthy.

But still, I reserved judgement. Sure, she could do that, she's a pro. I tried it myself to really test its mettle.

dream coat


Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray

€24.65 from lookfantastic.com

Safe to say, I continued to be blown away. Even with my beyond lacklustre hair and my god-awful skills of blowdrying, my hair looked amazing when I tried to use it myself.

I was surprised, to be honest, that my hair continued to feel weightless and stayed relatively fuzz-free (even after getting caught in the rain while walking my dog).

While I feel the title 'supernatural' might be stretching it, this is something I'll happily buy again and again.

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