Future Icon: This discontinued product is even better reimagined

What do you do when your favourite lipstick range gets discontinued? Fly into a rage? Mourn quietly? Or demand to know what the replacement is? I went with the latter, and I was - thankfully - pleasantly surprised...

Never leave me

There are a few products that, if discontinued, would shake my daily beauty life to the core. Make Up For Ever's Ultra HD foundation — please MUFE, if you're listening, never let me be without this. And Bobbi Brown's Pink Mauve lip liner, which I am CONVINCED they based on my exact lip colour. Bereft would not be the word. I also love Chanel's Rouge Coco Shine lipstick range. But, reader... it's being discontinued.

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The expression on my face when I was told it was to be no more said it all. It was a mix of mild panic, confusion and expectation. Sometimes, your favourite lipstick being there for you can be a small but subtle reminder that you have your ducks in a row, that you're bossing it, that things could be worse.

I quickly got over myself when I saw and felt the replacement. I was instantly relieved that I wouldn't have to begin the search for my daily lip love affair all over again — much like when you get married, you assume your dating days are over. I was not prepared to go on lipstick Tinder, so this Shine replacement and I are now very much engaged.

Loved it in a Flash

Rouge Coco Flash is the incumbent, and Lily-Rose Depp the stunning face. It'll be super pleasing to fans of a hydrated, comfortable and nourishing lipstick. I for one absolutely abhor the feeling of dried out lips. I can't function. I keep lip balm at arm's reach always. I put gloss and balm on top of any lipstick that even attempts to dry my lips out, and I avoid matte ones like I avoid coriander in my food; with great effort and vigour.

But with an infusion of Chanel's 'Hydraboost' (a lovely mix of jojoba, mimosa and sunflower oils), you get a nourishing and lightweight result when you spread a layer of Flash onto your lips.

Throwing shades

Lucia Pica (Chanel's Global Creative Makeup and Color Designer — what a title!) has seen to it that we're all fairly well spoiled for choice, with 27 shades, plus three top coats (to be honest, the top coats terrify me — one of them is almost black. I'm sure it works wonders but my nerves are too fragile for it). My picks, rather predictably, are Immédiat (1), Ultime (2) and Boy (3).


These babies will all be arriving onto my lips on March 8, and they're €36 each.

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