Future Icon: Chiara Ferragni’s palette was a complete surprise to me

Chiara Ferragni has fashion clout, there's no doubt about it. But how would her first beauty palette stack up against my long-time loves and curated ride-or dies? I put it to the test...

With millions of people hanging on her every word (in that beautiful Italian lilt) Chiara Ferragni is a force of nature. She's unapologetically feminine, and so her first collection with Lancôme reflects that side of her in a big way.


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Image beauty writer Holly wrote about the full collection last week - there's lots of pinkness and lots of glam to be had - but I wanted to take the hero product, the Flirting Palette, and see how it would stack up against some of my must-haves.

Testing, 1, 2, 3

Over ten years as a beauty editor I've racked up quite the collection, and truth be told... I'm rather skeptical about the vast majority of celebrity beauty collaborations. And the palette is €70, too, so I wanted to make sure before I recommended it that it was giving good value for money.

I started using it. I was impressed straight away with the colour pay-off from the lighter shades - normally I'd have to lash it on to get a result. I went immediately rogue and used the lightest highlighter shade (Sea Kissed) as my eyeshadow base, and the deepest one (Sun Kissed) as my crease shade.

chiara ferragni

They blended seamlessly with very little drop down (I could swipe it away with my powder brush, no correction needed). I used the darkest eyeshadow shade to mimic liner along my lash line. All in, I had an entire eye look done and dusted in less than five minutes.

I was also impressed with the blush/highlight combination colour - similar to a Nars Orgasm sort of blend, but a softer, more finely-milled version.


Permanent home?

I didn't love any of the lip shades - I was hoping for more opacity, and they're quite sheer - but other than that I loved it and was pleasantly surprised. The palette really captured Chiara's personality and approach to beauty too, which I guess is the main point. She's their muse after all.

It's definitely a palette I'll pick up and use again over and over, and yes, I managed to squeeze it in among my other 3,420* palettes.

*I don't really have that many. It's actually only 3,419.

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