Future Icon: The Blank Canvas palette you need in your collection

I keep waiting for a palette to come along and be better than my Blank Canvas one. That's yet to happen. Let me count the ways in which I adore this product...

Calling this a 'future icon' is a bit of a stretch for me personally - as far as I'm concerned, it's already iconic, and I can be sure that anyone who's tried it adores it as much as I do.

Twelve out of twelve

It's got 12 equally amazing shades - and how often can you say that about a palette? Twelve, all equally usable, wearable shades. It's a feat. The pigment (and look, I know the entire world raves about pigments left right and centre, but this time you can trust it) comes through on all fronts, on every shade.


Matte magic

Of 12 shades, 11 are matte and one (Goddess) is shimmery. Lily and Core are the base shades you've always wanted - two slightly different ones, meaning when you inevitably finish one off there's another there.

blank canvas

Blank Canvas Master Series Palette One

€35, from blankcanvascosmetics.com

Aside from how lovely the shades are, how versatile they are and how the mix of cool and warm tones is spot on, there's also the issue of price. For €35, you get twelve shades, a double ended brush and a giant mirror. The packaging is card, so it's durable and less likely to smash dramatically on a pub bathroom floor.

blank canvas


If anyone wants to know what to get me for any birthday, Christmas, surprise Thursday gift etc... This palette would suit. I go through them like nobody's business and will always want more.

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