From Budget To Luxury: The Best Of Strip Lashes

These days, there seems to be a waning desire to stock up on strips of false lashes, what with growing popularity of eyelash extensions, available in various salons and promising to last for almost four weeks. While these certainly have their merits, and they will definitely look more natural, for some people they just don't work. Perhaps you're one of those types who are likely to touch your face a lot, or rub your eyes when you're tired (which for us is all the time and for lashes, a no-no). Or maybe you find it hard to give your eyes a really decent clean for fear of damaging what you've just forked out, at least, €50 for. What's more, it's recommended by most lash technicians that you don't apply mascara to your falsies, and for this particular writer, that's on par with going out without your pants on or, worse still, undone brows. Then there are those of us who, for a night on the tiles, would rather opt for a dramatic lash line with visible definition and head-turning volume, not to mention the ease of whipping them off before we hit the hay. Bliss.

If, like us, you've got lash commitment issues, fear not. We've rounded up the best strip lashes on the market right now, approved by none other than the IMAGE editors.

If it's a compromise you're after, make-up artist and Editor Ellie Balfe is a longtime fan of the Eyelure individuals. €7.49 for a pack at Boots.

Eylure Individuals

"These are all makeup artists failsafe lashes because you can build them up and create different shapes with them, i.e., feline shape, rounder open shape, etc. Can be tricky enough to do on yourself, though."


"Shu Uemura Cross Partials are fab. They are four little clusters of lashes that aren't as fiddly as individuals to apply, but you get the nice natural look (with a bit of doe eye thrown in)." - Melanie Morris, IMAGE Magazine Beauty Editor.


For this, you need to perfect the art of applying with one eye open. Grab your tweezers, pick up one lash cluster, dab the end in glue (avoid anything that isn't Duo Adhesive glue, again used by all make-up artists) blow on it slightly, so it becomes tacky and then simply place the lash on top of your own, working from the inside out.

If it's a more dramatic strip you require, the MAC false lashes in numbers 1 and 4 also get Ellie's vote. "These are the best for natural, yet still dramatic lashes."

MAC 1 Lashes

Alternatively, Melanie gives the two thumbs up to the Rebel lashes in Carter Beauty and Brown Sugar. "They've got a really nice selection of finishes, and they curl easily to the shape of your eyelid for easy application. Cheap, cheerful and long lasting."

Irish brand Fuschia are going from strength to strength (we've fawned over their Boom! Brow in several beauty articles at this stage) and they've just launched their own line of lashes, sure to be a hit with devout fans and newcomers. They're faux Mink lashes, offering eight different styles. Our favourite from the collection is The Sophia, but the shape you choose will always depend on your own lash situation and the kind of look you want to create. €15 each.


Mink_Lashes_015-The Sophia

Inglot has also become a go-to destination for reliable lashes. They've got two pairs that are equally as popular, depending on whether you're after a little length (17s - €10) or extra drama (30N - €12).


If you're serious about your lashes, and you want to invest in a set that are super lightweight but can be used more than once (yes really, it's doable) we have to point you in the direction of Make Up For Ever. Browse the gallery for some of their cult favourites and rest assured you'll find the shape to suit your needs. Each set costs €18.


And now for the far more affordable, budget end of the spectrum. Paying homage to our inner wannabe popstar, credit where it's due to Girls Aloud for their Eyelure collaboration. Now we don't think much of the Nadine option (the opposite of natural), the Cheryl and the Kimberleys are a constant go-to of ours. Both €6.49 at Boots.

Screen shot 2015-12-08 at 16.11.24


Lastly, though Penneys might be the last place you think of going to for top-notch lashes, we've tried them, and they're bloody good. What's even better is the price. Fans are going crazy for their P.S Love range, offering several options. Again, it's worth pointing out that it's often the small tubes of glue that all store-bought lashes come with that let you down, but with a Duo glue in hand, you'll be rocking that Hollywood glamour in the blink of an eye. See what we did there? €2.

Save yourself a few bob this Christmas and give any of the above a try.

Top image: Eylure Instagram, lashes - Definition 126.

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