From Budget To High End: Face Cleansing Devices

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When it comes to cleansing your face, we've begrudgingly come to the conclusion that wipes won't cut the mustard. Not even close. Read all about our recent switch to Micellar water here. However, to keep your visage in the best possible condition, and cleaner than you're ever likely to get it with a cloth and some water (in fact you'll get it SIX times cleaner), you've simply got to get yourself an electric cleansing brush. Instead of spending a fortune on make-up that'll merely cover up your skin, give it the best chance at a radiant glow, all of its own accord, with the right cleansing regimen.

There's long been a battle of the brushes: how much should you be expected to spend and do the more affordable options really work?

Currently, you've got?Clarisonic?on the luxury end of things?(of which there have been several upgrades and variants) and, at the other end of the monetary scale, you've got the No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush. The former will set you back approximately 200 quid, depending on the one you buy, while Boots' option is priced at the less aneurism-inducing figure of €33. If it's a Kris Kindle gift you're after this Christmas, which won't be left in the boot of your giftee's car, we recommend the latter. It's battery powered, but the good news is it comes all set. As with all things, however, you get what you pay for. The No7 brush, offering spins rather than a pulsating technique, is considerably less gentle on your face than the Clarisonic. It's got a strong exfoliating action so beware of skin that's sensitive. But that's not to say it doesn't have its positives. Though it's sold with the same message as the Clarisonic, many who've tried it actually recommend it more as a body exfoliator. When it comes to removing, flaky dead skin cells on the back of your legs, or residual false tan that just won't budge, this is a far better method of exfoliation than clawing at yourself with a cloth. When it comes to your face, it will certainly remove your make-up, but if it's a quick cleanse before you head out for a night on the tiles, this, for some, may be too intensive.

No 7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush €33 No 7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush €33

Moving one step up, the Labsonic Cleansing Brush retails at €65, and promises to be that little bit more gentle. Using sonic technology, this device comes with four heads; one for exfoliation, one for cleansing, one for anti-aging and one for hydration, giving you further control over what it is you want to achieve. We particularly like the hydration brush to help you get your favourite cleansers and serums deeper into your skin, giving you the level of absorption you wouldn't get with your own fingers.

Labsonic Cleansing Brush Labsonic Cleansing Brush

Also available at Boots, however, is the Rolls Royce of facial cleansers, the Clarisonic (all versions, separate brush heads and every extra item you could possibly need). We know, Christmas is a time where your every penny will be watched, what with all of the socialising and present-buying to be done, but the reviews speak for themselves; the Clarisonic is the best. The latest addition to the Clarisonic family is the Clarisonic Smart Profile, which is (you guessed it) smarter, easier and more powerful than all that's come before it. Priced at €249.99, this version has been proven to remove your make-up up to 11 times better than standard cleansing, and - excuse us while we geek out for a moment - the brush heads have a Smart Microchip within them, pre-programmed to send information to the device on how to operate for the area you want to cleanse?automatically adjusting speed, frequency and cleansing time. And when compared to the No7 offering, it won't leave you initially red-faced, it's incredibly gentle and your face will feel cleaner and fresher than the day you were born.

Clarisonic Smart Profile €249 Clarisonic Smart Profile €249

In between these options, you also have the Foreo Luna Mini Skincare Device that retails at approximately €140. An easy to use handheld device with no separate or replacement brushes necessary. Through its hygienic silicone brush, it delivers sonic pulsations to the skin, stimulating it, cleansing it and leaving you with a healthy glow. This one's particularly ideal for those who travel a lot. For what it's worth, we also think these devices look pretty cool, and they come in a range of colours.


Foreo Luna Mini Skincare Device in Petal Pink €140 Foreo Luna Mini Skincare Device in Petal Pink €140

So, in short. The No7 is certainly the more affordable option, though considerably more intense on your face. Ideal as an all over body exfoliator for tougher areas of skin, while the Clarisonic, in our view, is worth every penny.

Whichever end of the spectrum you find yourself, you'll find a wealth of skin-cleansing options at Boots.

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