Foundation We Love Alert: Est?e Lauder Double Wear Make-up To Go

Don't you just love the moment you get wind of a brilliant foundation and think, ?How did I get by without this?? Well, we have the fine people of Est?e Lauder to thank for this latest foundation gem. And naturally, it has just landed on shelves right before the Christmas rush, so this is either an ideal stocking filler or an excuse for you to treat yourself.

Those of you that are fans of the original Double Wear fluid will love this, and those of you that aren't fans of its heavy coverage finish will definitely love this. This writer has to confess that she is a Double Wear addict; the palest shade is perfect, the coverage is great, and it looks super natural for a fluid that can cover any blemish. However, once the autumn/impending winter weather kicks in it never seems to stay on right. My skin is just too dry. So, I yearned for an alternative that offered a more medium, buildable coverage and a more sheer finish.


And so comes in Est?e Lauder Double Wear Make-up To Go. It still stays put for a solid eight hours but has a positively luminous finish. And the best bit? It offers truly buildable coverage but doesn't dry the skin in the way that its former counterpart did. The fluid keeps the skin hydrated, but not oily.

It's enriched with what's known as a ?tri-moisture complex? to ensure that all-day hydration and comfort, and it actually lives up to this promise. Your skin will look like you're not wearing much even if you are - it just shines through the make-up (but not in an I-need-powder-on my-t-zone kinda way).


Also, we have to mention the packaging. Now, this is a liquid foundation but the introduction of their compact keeps liquid fresh and spill-free. Press the button for your desired look?once for a light touch, twice for more coverage. It's actually brilliant, and a big plus as the former had no pump whatsoever and was inclined to spill everywhere. You can literally take it out anytime, and it is available in 18 shades from the super pale in Cool Bone and above.

Yours truly is seriously impressed and thinks she may have found her HD foundation. It's in the pricier bracket of €42 but the compact will ensure it will last positively ages, and if you're looking for a new winter foundation that ticks all the boxes and looks as natural as can be, this is the one.

It is available now.

Will you be trying this next?

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