Foundation hacks that will ensure an even more flawless finish

Foundation hacks? Anything to make putting my make-up on quicker and better has my interest. I did some field research and found these things just work...

Sometimes I look in a magnifying mirror at what I thought was well-applied foundation and pull back sharply, genuinely aghast at what I've seen.

Lines, patchy bits, bits of face with little to no coverage alongside bits with a triple layer of coverage... It can be a mess. So I've made a list of all the foundation hacks I use to ensure a smoother finish. I'm not a make-up artist, but neither are most of you, so we're all in this together!

Prep the skin


There's precious little point in applying foundation onto dry, flaky or dehydrated skin. Start with a nice moisturiser to kick things off well.

foundation hacks

Avène Hydrance UV Light

€25 from and pharmacies nationwide


Warm it up on your hand

Apply your foundation to the back of your hand to warm it up before applying to make it adhere to the skin beautifully.


Use the right tools

And by tools, I mean, there's a mix. Fingers, my Blank Canvas F20 AND a trusty Beauty Blender are all part of my foundation application arsenal for different stages.

foundation hacks

Blank Canvas F20 Foundation Brush

€12.74 from

Brush downwards at the sides

The sides of your face have the most hair, and sometimes foundation can gather there and make it look extra hirsute if you're not careful. When you've buffed all your make-up in, brush gently downwards to finish.


Use two shades

If you're finding the colour match of your favourite foundation a bit off, mix in another darker (or lighter) foundation to get a custom blend. Don't be afraid to mix brands either, the only advice would be not to mix a water-based foundation with an oil-based one.

Use concealer

For parts of your face that might require heavier coverage, use a good concealer instead of going over and over the area with multiple layers of foundation. Your concealer should be the same colour as your foundation, in this instance.

foundation hacks

Urban Decay Stay Naked Concealer

€24 from


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Photo from Jason Lloyd Evans

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