Foundation Alert: Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation

Serum foundations are slowly gaining momentum in the beauty industry. The concept of a foundation that both works as a base and treats the skin with antioxidants and anti-ageing benefits isn't a new one, but it's only now that we're seeing decent variations on the market. As our IMAGE.i.e., Editor Ellie will tell you; a decent serum should be part of every woman's skincare regime. They can revive, nourish and protect your skin at a'deeper level than a moisturiser and the earlier you start using them, the better, as you'll see the difference in your skin as you age.

Being close to thirty, I've only just jumped on the serum bandwagon, but I admit, I'm lazy. At most I put a little on at night (they aren't a replacement to a moisturiser by the way; both should be used), but in the early morning, you can forget it, so the concept of a foundation that would treat my skin while concealing lumps and bumps intrigued me greatly.

I decided to go for Bobbi Brown's Intensive Skin Serum Foundation offering, generally for 30 plus (YSL and Dior have variations) as their foundations are generally top-notch. Bear in mind first of all, that this is a luxury item; it costs €48 and you're paying that for the added benefits of the serum.


The Good: As I have combination skin, I loved the product. The coverage is sheer and natural but you can work it into the skin if you need to (buff it on with a stipple brush for more coverage), and rejoice; it comes in Alabaster the palest of pale shade that they are slowly reintroducing back into their foundations after discontinuing it. Formulated with Lychee, Bamboo Grass and Cordyceps Mushroom Extracts,?this combination works to replenish the skin, but the Bamboo Grass is the real wonder ingredient here. Not only does it boost the skin with antioxidants, but it also helps the skin better absorb other nutrients.?These help support skin's cellular energy and also offers key anti-ageing benefits for a smoother, firmer, more lifted look. A few hours in, I?noticed a visible difference; my skin looked plumped and healthy and it didn't set into my fine lines or my acne scars. The serum components are what makes this stand out; it starts to work as soon as it's on the skin. SPF is 40 so your skin is as protected as it's going to get while wearing a foundation.



The Bad: This isn't necessarily a bad thing, just something you should note. It is what I like to call a 'high-maintenance foundation'. You need time to work it into the skin and you must, must, must moisturise before application. It needs quite a bit of settling time but gives great results if you can endure the former. ?I initially was put off by the finish until I realised it hadn't set properly; it takes a good?5-10 minutes so not one for those rushed early mornings. The packaging: it looks chic on your dresser, but take care as it's a glass bottle and it means it's impossible to see how much of the product you're using up. And why have they included a dropper? Nightmare, but the lovely woman at the Bobbi Brown counter informed me that they are planning to repackage it without this in the coming weeks so that's something.

Also, I found I needed powder on my oily t-zone, so if your skin is on the oily side, get a tester before you buy (they will give you one without a purchase), in case it doesn't agree. Dryer skin types should love this.

The foundation is available now at €48.

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