For Your Eyes Only: How To Apply Eyeliner The Right Way

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Want to make your eyes pop? Celebrity make-up artist Francesca Neill shares her tips for nailing the right eyeliner application for you.

Liquid liner is great to create a clean and defined eye, and is never far from the catwalks every season. To make this look more wearable, I recommend keeping the line fine across the lid and finishing it at the outer corner, rather than creating a wing, as this can be ageing and drag on the skin.

Close-set Eyes = Double Wing 

This is a really fun look to play with for a night out. A winged end will draw attention towards the outer edge of the eyes, making them appear wider apart. Double the wing? Double the effect.


Downturned Eyes = Bottom Only 

Those with downturned eyes can find winged eyeliner really frustrating. If you choose a regular cat-eye flick, this could exaggerate the downward shape. The easiest technique for lifting the eye is to stick to applying liner to the lower lash line. Follow the natural line and extend the mini-flick directly up.

Hooded Eye = Thick Wing

This look is perfect for hooded eyes, as it will lift and open them. The Collection Fast Stroke eyeliner, €3.50 at Superdrug, is perfect for this look, as the quick-dry formula prevents smudging, which can often occur with this eye shape. Draw a line from the corner of your eye towards the brow bone and join up before using a kohl pencil across the outer lower lash line to create a perfectly lifted wing effect.

Large Eyes = Water Line

This is a great look for large eyes, as tracing the waterline will accentuate the shape of the eye. It's also a good option if your eyes are wide-set, as it will draw attention towards the inner corner.


Smaller Eyes = Top Only

You really just need a very simple line to enhance the shape - you don't want anything too heavy, otherwise you could risk your eyes looking even smaller. Drag the eyeliner straight across the lid and extend the line out to roughly the end of your brow. Adding a little drama, such as metallic or glitter to the top eye line only, is a great way to open them up and draw attention to the top lashes. Apply over black liquid liner or pencil to complete this look for smaller eyes. To intensify, curl lashes and coat the top lashes with plenty of mascara or false lashes.

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