Affordable makeup that's seriously understated

This time of year can be tough on the purse strings. Between festive nights out and gift shopping, it feels like money simply doesn't last. That being said, there's one thing we should never have to overspend on; our makeup.

Affordable makeup, such as the Flormar products below, can often provide a more natural, dewy look than its costly competitors. What's more, the products are highly pigmented, last for hours and don't leave you bankrupt.

We want products to enhance our natural beauty; makeup that can be worn daily in an understated way, yet elevated for night-time wear when necessary. Flormar's range is perfect for that.

Double Radiance Primer

If you want your skin to appear glowy from within, this Double Radiance Primer (€12.95) can help. The soft, lightweight formula can be applied along the cheekbones, cupids bow and bridge of the nose for subtle radiance. Apply a little bit extra on your décolletage for-night time wear.


Perfect Coverage Foundation

This Perfect Coverage Foundation (€10.95) creates a fresh makeup look that lasts for up to 12 hours. Not only is it suitable for all skin types, but its rich texture (thanks to its almond oil extracts) helps the skin appear flawlessly smooth.

Flormar Bronzing Powder €9.95

Bronzer, when blended correctly, can accentuate our best features (not to mention give us a warm, healthy look). We like how this Flormar Bronzing Powder (€9.95) comes in three shades to suit all skin tones.


Eyeshadow Palette in 'Sunset'

We love wearing amber hues like these ones in the Flormar 'Sunset' Eyeshadow Palette (€12.95). The warm-brown neutrals are ideal for daily wear, while the shimmering bronze tones set the Christmas party mood. A double-ended applicator is included for convenience.


Flormar HD lipsticks

Bright lipsticks can make some people nervous (us included). If you prefer to keep your makeup more understated, Flormar's HD lipstick (€6.95) comes in a range of neutral browns and dark, blush reds. As for the finish, the lipstick's creamy formula creates a smooth, matte look.


Precious Curl Mascara (waterproof)

Flormar's Precious Curl Mascara (€9.95) comes with a custom-design brush, making lashes appear longer, voluminous, and perfectly curled. What’s more, the formula is waterproof, so no smudging during rainy commutes.

Flormar is available to buy from pharmacies and selected Penneys stores nationwide. 

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