The 5 face SPFs that won't mess with your skin (or your make-up)

Face SPFs can be hard to come by - good ones are even more rare. But the holy grail is finding one that both protects your skin and doesn't do too much to disturb your make-up...

I've tried so many, I've lost count. But a decent, reliable and effective face SPF is a beauty essential that I was willing to do the leg work on.

Protecting yourself against the damage from UVA and UVB rays is the best and least-expensive way to look after your skin. Consider investing in a good SPF before anything else - and yes, even in overcast, wintery Ireland. The sun is still there!


Ultrasun Ultralight Mineral Sun Protection for Face SPF50

€28 from Holland and Barrett

This one is great because it's water resistant as well as being great under make-up. It's free of lots of things you wouldn't want in your skincare - mineral oils, perfume, chemical fillers. And it's mineral-based too, so won't clog the pores.face SPFs

Chanel UV Essential SPF 50

€55.20 from

Chanel really GET SPFs. They always make ones that are so luxuriant to use. This is no different, and I cherish my bottles of it. I would never be without one of these in my handbag. It's great under make-up and never, ever balls or interferes with the look of my skin.face SPFs

Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution SPF50


€38 from

This one is oil free so ideal for anyone prone to breakouts. It's got super high protection and feels really lightweight on the skin. It's also translucent so doesn't leave you with whiter-than-white chalk on your face after application.face SPFs

Avene Very High Protection SPF50+

€22.95 from

I'll be honest, when it comes to great SPF, it's hard to fault Avene. The French pharmacy brand nails it when it comes to decent levels of protection and a great formula. This is a holiday must-have for me.

face SPFs

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Invisible Fresh Mist


€14 from

I love that if you need a top up, middle of the day, and it has to happen over make-up, you can mist this on and know you're covered. I love that it's made for sun-sensitive skin like mine (goes red in an instant, then back to being super pale) and it's a handy one for children who would rather do anything but get SPF on their face.

Photography by @lucywilliams02.

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