Five easy-to-use face serums perfect for beginners

I'm late to the serum game. Only in the last two years (and hitting thirty) have I seen the importance of using one - and the difference the prolonged use can really make to your skin. You're not looking for an immediate transformation effect; the right serum will do its job over time. A beauty editor once gave me advice I still follow today: "[A serum] is the one thing that can super-charge your skin condition and they also future-proof your skin by nourishing and protecting at a deep level. You may not see dramatic results in your twenties or early thirties, but cross that thirty-five divide, and suddenly everything is different. If you've been caring for your skin prior to that, you'll reap the rewards."

And most important to remember is that serums are an extra step - they don't replace moisturiser - the two combined offer a double-pronged approach to improving your skin."So this is, in effect, is why we should all be using them. If you're late to the serum game, fear not, you still have time - as long as you start now. Below are five serums for beginners, perfect for starting out:

No 7 Intense Protect & Perfect Advanced Serum, €33


This one is ideal if you're starting to get on the anti-age bandwagon now. It's light, easily absorbed and when used over time will really help illuminate the skin. There is also an instant blurring effect upon application so that any large pores will appear diminished straight away.


Pixi Overnight Glow Serum, €35


I go back to this one time and time again as I notice visible differences to my skin even after two weeks. This contains 10% glycolic acid (used in small amounts, this helps combat acne and anti-ageing). It's essentially an anti-inflammatory and used in small amounts; it does wonders in terms of reviving the skin. Don't be put off by the percentage as it works in tandem with cucumber and aloe vera extracts to calm skin and contains vitamins A, C, and E to nourish. Two or three drops before moisturising at night and you'll glow the next morning.

Clinique 'Turnaround' revitalising serum (30ml) €47

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This oil-free solution is refreshing and revive skin and improve texture. Its effects are gentle, but this makes it ideal for sensitive skin. The skin should look plump and energised and feel silky smooth with long-term use.



For a moisture hit, you won't find much better than this. This hydrating skin serum gives skin an instant plumping boost and instantly brightens dull skin.


If hydration and softness are two worries of yours, this serum is right up your street. Its purpose is to successfully quench dry skin and its concentration of hyaluronic acid ensures that you get a moisture hit that instantly refreshes and softens the skin.

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