Five beauty accessories you need in your kit (and some you definitely don't!)

You could spend thousands on little beauty accoutrements to use alongside all of your favourite products, and sometimes an investment is worthwhile. Not always though... Here are the accessories you need, and a few you probably don't.

Any true beauty lovers will know it's not just about the products you buy, but the supplementary kit items that will make or break a look for you. I for one couldn't live without some of the add-on bits and pieces I've invested in, beauty-wise, over the years.

I'm not going into things like brushes, eyelash curlers, make-up bags and those sorts of things because lets face it - those are all fairly essential and you know enough about them at this stage.

I'll kick off with the ones that are brilliant and that I truly rate, and then I'll tell you which ones you'd probably survive without (at least until you build that Glam Room extension to your house).


A fancy towel for your hair

Okay bear with me. I bought this in Sephora last year FULLY sure it was going to be a complete swizz. In fact, part of me bought it so I could have some 'this is a swizz!!!' content for my Instagram because I love saying the word 'swizz' whenever I can. But alas, I was proved wrong. It keeps your hair from being damaged when wet, and it soaks up just the right amount of moisture equally across your head, so you're not left with one dry, frizzy bit and the rest sopping wet. I love it. How disappointing that I can't complain about it online.

Aquis Hair Turban Lisse Luxe Chevron, €34.95

A Beauty Blender Defender

While I love the fact that the name is so enjoyable to say, I also enjoy the theory behind this little piece of kit. Some might think it unnecessary, but not me. I am a germ-phobe when it comes to my make-up, I wash my foundation brush after every use lest I get a nasty pimple, and I sometimes need to transport my trusty Beauty Blender. This is the only way I've found that satiates my need to steer clear of possible infection (dramatic, yes). It lets it breathe while protecting it from your handbag detritus. Genius!


Beauty Blender Defender, €11.95

A spinning tower of make-up

I love a good storage solution, so I do. The HerClutterbox I bought for mad money a few years ago has lasted a treat and I wouldn't be without it now. But I recently invested in a spinning tower for my foundations/primers/concealers to be stored on because I alternate them so much I need them all visible and all accessible at all times. The spinners are ideal for this, and would also work really well in a bathroom as a skincare display unit.

Pretty Clear Things Cosmetic Tower, €90

A special eye mask for lashes

Right, so I got one of these super cheap online so that I could sleep at any time while also taking care not to mash my lash extensions into my eyes or onto my pillow. They're actually so clever, and really work for that. They are also super handy for if you need to have a disco nap with make-up already on - wearing one will stop your eye make-up getting ruined so you can literally hop up from your nap, wipe away any little bits of drool and it won't take much to get your make-up back on track.


3D eye mask with sponge cover, €6.99

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You don't need these...

Honestly. You don't. But like I said, if you've got an entire wing of your house dedicated to beauty, or if you're a true accessory aficionado, knock yourself out...

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A skincare fridge


I've seen countless ads for these on Instagram and I am here to tell you. Most of your skincare Does. Not. NEED. to be refrigerated. Anything that does will be small enough to go in any normal kitchen fridge. Just make sure your house mates don't mistake it for mayonnaise and have a ham and Creme de la Mer sambo by accident.

A skincare brush set

I have heard all kinds of key opinion leaders in the world of skincare talk about every single solitary type of product and treatment out there for skin, and never did I hear them say "and this will work 100% better if applied with a brush rather than your fingers". If, for neatness sake, you like to apply a particularly messy mask to your face with a brush, work away. Use an old foundation brush that's been thoroughly cleaned. But as for buying a skincare brush set? Thumbs down from me.

Eyebrow stencils

Please. PLEASE. I implore you. Don't use a stencil to apply eyebrow product to your face. If you take a look at anyone in your vicinity right now, you'll see that no face is alike, ergo no two pairs of brows are alike, ergo brow stencils are a swizz. I can see why they might appeal to those of you not confident in brow application. To those people I say - watch tutorials, practice in a mirror, tread lightly when it comes to product and get a professional to help you. But put downnnn the stencil.

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