Festival 'self-care': From feminine hygiene to dry shampoo, these essentials make life easier

Irish festival camping is far from sun-kissed Californians soaking-up Coachella sun. Where Coachella crowds roam sandy deserts; Electric Picnic masses combat muddy fields and transparent ponchos. When faced with lengthy lines, funky portaloos and sweaty neighbours, hygiene can get knocked quite far down the line.

Leaving your reliable hot shower and the glory of your trusted hair products at home might have you feeling apprehensive about festival season. The worry that your hair will become so greasy that you can fry an egg on it is nearly as scary as festival toilets.

You may have mastered your festival alter-ego and packed enough makeup wipes for the whole squad, but the fear of possibly not showering for three days can be off-putting. My post-festival recovery involves excessive exfoliation and basking in essential oils until I resemble a dishevelled prune. And even then I don't feel quite right.

I’ve promised myself some well-needed changes this year. The focus is no longer on just the festival clothes I will be bringing, but on some simple necessities, my future-self will truly appreciate. “Self-Care” has become more of a requirement rather than an occasional obligation, so why not continue this urgency when it's more desperately needed. Festivals are about having fun, but life requires you to take care of yourself. Travel-sized products are favourable, to help with the inevitable trek in and out, and skin hydration is essential after a sleepless night and endless partying.

Check out these products for keeping you squeaky clean and super fresh all weekend long:


The Hair Game-Changer

Perfect hair Day (PhD) dry shampoo by Living Proof, €20 at living proof.co.uk

Skin, Rejuvenated 

Bamboo splash by Erborian, €32 at uk.erborian.com

The Tinted Protection 


Complexion Rescue™ Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream by Bare Minerals, €32.00 at brownthomas.com

Fresh Face 

Coconut Hydrate & Restore Cleansing Wipes 30 pieces, €4.50 at beauty bay.com

Nature Is Calling


GoGirl Female Urination Device, €11 at stressnomore.co.uk

Happy Hands 

SUEDE 30 ml rinse-free hand wash by Byredo, €25 at byroad.eu

Smelling Good

Deodorant 50ml by Aesop, €25 at space.uk.com


Post-Festival Renewal

Fruit active rejuvenating mask 75ml€37.50 at Harvey Nicholas

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